An update on Amazon.

Reading this article gave me pause (and made me feel true heartache for the author involved) and reminded me of my bitter woes with Amazon.

Rather than ‘get better’ in any capacity, I’ve gone the complete opposite direction.  Yes, I’m still writing a novel, but the ‘spark’ that used to accompany my published works is entirely absent.  I don’t check my numbers.  I don’t check for reviews.  I simply don’t bother with any of it.  This is made even weirder by the fact that I was approached in May to have one of my books adapted to screen…  I sincerely thought this would be the kick of motivation I needed to get back to my novels, but nothing yet.  I see signs all around me that are pushing me to get back to work, but I can only manage force 1,000 words a day.

And when I was going through everything with Amazon in February, I wondered, what if they decided to ban me forever?  And now I realize it’s not beyond possibility.  Of course, with as little effort as I’ve been putting into my novels, it might as well be that way.  So, what happens when I am once again eligible?  What will change between now and February 2017?  Will I even want to enroll my books into Kindle Unlimited?  Or, will Amazon once again make the decision for me?

I wish Ms. Creeden nothing but the best of luck and commercial success (with or without Amazon) for her novels and writing, and hope Amazon decides to reverse their decision.  From all that I have read (and the comments on the original article are worth going through), she certainly did not deserve the punishment that was handed down.

ryan gosling gif
Ryan feels my pain.


What are your thoughts?

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