Week by numbers.

This old gem?  I must be procrastinating.  🙂

  • 32,538, words.  Would you look at that? I’m writing again!  I added about 4K this week on the sequel to the Queen.  Hurrah!
  • 1, voiceover gig I might have — my first.  I’m fairly certain I undersold my value by a factor of 500% but here’s hoping!
  • 1, the number of houses my sister and bro-in-law closed on — mabrook!  I can’t wait to visit.
  • 5,000, estimated, words I’ve written about food.  Still. More. Restaurants. To. Review.
  • 1, night where I had jet lag.  Other than that, I switched my sleep pattern over much easier than my return flight from Chicago!
  • 1, novel I’m getting into (about, who else? Queen Victoria).  It took about three tries getting into a book this week, so I’m glad to not be in a slump.

Liz Lemon gif

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