Week by numbers.

Wow – this might have been one of my most productive weeks of the year!  Without a lot going on outside of my home office and a slight change in how I operate, I made a lot of progress in my writing projects.

  • 43,026, words on the Queen sequel.  I still don’t really know where things are going, but ‘just keep swimming’ seems to be my modus operandi.
  • 138, how many pages that equates to in Word, 1.5 spacing.
  • 5, days of walking (including twice yesterday).  The heat is killer, but I’m trying to get out there and get the holiday weight off!
  • 1, new restaurant tried… It wasn’t really for me, but I’ll post a full review soon over on A to Za’atar.
  • 2, times we used our new grill (exciting days in our house)!
  • British, remember that voiceover gig?  Well, it’s still in progress, but both the director and I agreed that between my (natural) American accent and my faux British, that the UK version was better.  Go figure!

Gif of the week:

Tom Hardy gif
Yes, Tom Hardy, walk in my direction.

What are your thoughts?

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