Leaning into FOMO…

We’re at the time of year where many fortunate people go out into the world to travel and have adventures.  And yes, I’ve been on a trip this summer (I wouldn’t classify it as a holiday, per se, but I was able to get away).  And inevitably, there’s that feeling when you come back from a trip and fall into a case of post-holiday blues (maybe you’re lucky enough to avoid these feelings, but I certainly am not).  Once I had my jet lagged sorted, I began obsessing about new places to go (especially with the Eid break on the horizon).  I thought of Europe, of driving to Oman, of going to the Maldives…all of which were silly ideas given that we had just returned from a long trip.

And last week, a light switched on.  Now, it’s still a daily struggle not to wish I was tagging along with my friends (who, by the way, are quite the world travelers), but I decided I could still get a lot done in July and it was silly for me to mope around, get jealous and basically be unproductive.

My main points of focus will be:

  • Get back into volunteering!  I’ve been away from K9 Friends for too long.
  • Writing!  My plan is for 1,000 words a day on The Queen 2.  I’ve gone back and forth about when to start editing the final draft of the Queen 1, but I think it will be best to get back to it once I’ve finished the sequel (which, if I stick to the schedule, should be near the end of July — another 30K or so… Insh’allah!)
  • Get on top of all my reviews for A to Za’atar — I’m still two behind from my trip home, and I know I’ll have three more this week.
  • Pitch more. As my food blog is moving along quite nicely, I want to stop deleting the press releases that come my way and make more plans to do something about them.  The summer is traditionally a slow period in the Middle East, but it’s no reason I can’t stay on top of my foodie game.
  • You know all that stuff you put off for a ‘rainy day?’  Well, in 45C heat, I’m trapped inside and have been going through a few projects that have been overlooked.  Basically, I’m getting all my little duckies in a row.
  • Excercise.  Daily.  I’ve also decided to step up my game and commit to one class a week (I happen to enjoy Flywheel and want to get into the habit of going at least once a weekend).  With a trip to Bali planned for September, I want to feel better about myself in a bikini.
  • Cut back on the booze.  With everyone out of town, there’s a lot less focus on going out, which makes this quite a bit easier (oops, Eid plans).
  • It may sound silly to you, but spending time with my sweet kitty, Nubbins.  She’s getting old, and I want to make sure she’s feeling lots of love (brb, cuddle break).
  • Enjoying this time for what it is — down time.  Not every moment of every day of every week has to be spent doing something amazing.  It’s okay to read a book, get caught up on laundry, or prep food for the week.  It’s okay to lose myself in a well-done television series or skip a few things on my to-do list in a week.
  • While comparison can be the thief of joy, I think it’s more positive to think, ‘I may not be there now, but I’m definitely going to go to that place/restaurant/venue in the future.’

I’m hoping everything above will remind me that I have an awesome life, and I don’t need to be so worried about comparing myself to all the amazing things others are doing.

deal with it

Do you have FOMO?  How do you deal?

What are your thoughts?

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