Week by numbers.

It’s been awhile, so here’s a roundup of my life by numbers:

  • 56,665 – words on the Queen sequel… Too bad it’s going in a bit of every direction (and I expect to finish the rough draft somewhere in the next 10K words).  [Insert shocked and scared emoji].
  • 183, pages that translates to with…
  • 3, kind of endings I’m working on (oops).
  • 2, Flywheel classes I’ve done in a week!  Trying to covince myself a Bali boday is possible, which is why…
  • 5 days, I’m off alcohol.  I was planning to have a break tomorrow as well, but my social calendar is getting in the way.\
  • 2, awesome posters I finally managed to order from High Life Dubai.
  • 1, year it’s been since I published Life After Joe.  It’s been a bumpy ride.
  • 1, giveaway for my book, Life After Joe.  Have you entered?

Photo of the week:

Kramer in the shower

What are your thoughts?

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