Week by numbers.

It’s been an up and down week, but I think it’s coming out ahead.

  • 4 restaurants // 4 meals dining out in a row (maybe one too many…).  Life over at A to Za’atar has been interesting.
  • A lot, of reading this week.  I got through Eligible and am working my way through a few other books.
  • 2, babies I met.  This is a lot of wee ones for me to come across in a week, but I enjoyed meeting both of them.
  • 300, words.  Now that I’m between drafts, I’m trying to keep up my 100-word drabbles for the Queen project.  Read here if you’re interested.
  • 1, possible article I might have published with a big travel website.  Here’s hoping!
  • 1, ending I figured out to a book I haven’t started writing yet.
  • 1, book giveaway that’s still going on.
  • 2, hotels I’m looking forward to checking out next week.

Mostly me this week:


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