Week by Numbers.

A quiet week here, but I think sometimes those are needed at least that’s what I’m telling myself while everyone else in the world seems to be having an amazing time in Europe. #FOMO is real, y’all.

  • 77,070, words. I sent the 1.5th draft off to an editor last week and will receive her notes in a month.  Let the countdown begin!
  • 3rd, book in the series I also sort of started writing.  While there are unfinished draft(s) of other books, I feel the need to finish the Queen series before publishing the first one (if that makes sense).  I want to have a fairly decent idea of what happens, so I don’t publish the first and then go, ‘Well, crap, I should’ve done something else in Book #1.”
  • 1, day I more or less lost to a migraine this week — boo!
  • 1, sort of new potential for an independent type (part time) job.  Who knows?  We’ll have to wait and see.  My first assignment (of sorts) is next week.  #vaguepostisvague
  • 1, article I’m writing about watching the US election as an expat.
  • 2, tickets to Nepal purchased for October!  #vivalaHooks
  • 1, month until we’re in Bali!
  •  A lot, of pride I feel for my alma mater, the University of Georgia, who is putting up a lot of medals at the Olympics in Rio.

A fun gif for your weekend (I love chickens):
chicken gif

What are your thoughts?

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