Week by numbers.

A lot of words this week (mostly about food, but some about a young Queen trying to end a trilogy):

  • 1, article I wrote about being an American expat and watching the US election (I’d love it if you gave it a read).
  • 1, article I wrote about things I’ve forgotten while being an expat.
  • 9,097, current word count on The Queen 3: I Have No title Yet
  • 30 pages, is how that translates.
  • ALL, the insomnia I seem to have these days. ย What I wouldn’t give for a good night’s sleep…
  • Lots, of friends I got to see on my recent trip to Abu Dhabi. ย While I certainly don’t miss my job there, I am reminded that I made a number of wonderful friends.
  • > 1 month, until we leave for Bali — I can’t wait!
  • 1, super cute kitten I met this week (yes, this is newsworthy).

Your .gif for the weekend:

deck of cards gif

What are your thoughts?

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