I’m alive…and editing.

Hey gang — one of my goals for October is to get back to something approaching a more dedicated posting schedule on this blog.  In the meantime, I’ve been busy traveling (Bali!) and eating (everything!) and editing (The Queen of England: Coronation!).  I was very excited to get my notes back from a new editor (thanks, Mandy!) and have been hard at working making final tweaks to the book.  I’m 106 pages in out of 236 pages and would like to make even more progress before we leave for our next trip (next week — Nepal!).

Although I haven’t touched the cover artwork since forever, I have enlisted Hubs to try and help.  While this is in no way the final version, there are some elements I like in the image.  From previous takes on the cover, I never thought there was enough of a steampunk element and I think the details below help.  While I like the less cluttered earlier options, I’m hoping we’re closing in on the final (final!) version.


What have you been up to?

What are your thoughts?

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