Week by numbers.

It’s been a busy week (when is it not?).  The trip to Nepal was a great one and I would encourage everyone to visit Kathmandu.

  • 73,843, words in the draft of the Queen.
  • 194 (out of 232) that I am currently on in the edit.  On a bit of a side bar, I wish I had more excitement for poor Queen Juliette.  As with any time I write a book, I go from, ‘People will absolutely love this’ to ‘Why am I even bothering?’  Writing isn’t hard, it’s the entire process as a self-published author that you have to take into account.  While getting a final draft on something you’ve been working on for 2 years is an incredible accomplishment, it won’t suddnely market or launch itself, neither will it finish the other two books.
  • 7, kilometers trek we completed in Pokhara (all uphill).  I think it’s good sometimes to push yourself past what you usually do.  Kudos to the 5 year old in our group who did it as well.
  • 22,218, that’s how many steps I did on the same day, according to my trusty FitBit.
  • First, bags off.  Having never flown into DWC, I was stoked for an early arrival and seeing our bags come off first (something that has only happened to me once in my life, many years ago).  It’s the little things, people.
  • 1, Everest flight we did and saw the tallest mountain in the world.  There’s not really a way to even fathom how tall the Himalayas are, but trust me when I say gynormous.
  • 20, minutes, paragliding over the hills of Pokhara, which was approximately 15 minutes too long.  While doing new things is fun, thinking you’re going to barf while gliding on thermals is perhaps not the best feeling.
  • 1, minor cold I seem to have managed to pick up.  Boo.


What are your thoughts?

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