Sunday Sentence.

Note from the Author:  This novel is a work of alternate history. Adding magic to the mix meant that events didn’t play out the way they appear in history books. Some things are entirely different, and some things are happening at different times or in different places. Figuring out where the real history might fit in is part of the fun.

Rebel Magisters (Rebel Mechanics Book 2) by Shanna Swendson

As I close in on finishing the Queen (and still lacking any motivation to actually share it with the rest of the world), I really liked this intro at the beginning of the sequel to Rebel Mechanics.  While I enjoyed the second book, it didn’t reach the highs the original novel did for me.  I’m still invested in the characters, but I thought the story moved a bit too slow.  That being said, I appreciate Ms. Swendson’s world building and would read any future books in the series.

What are your thoughts?

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