On the topic of patience.

So, I currently have the final draft of The Queen of England: Coronation.  And it’s complete.  Finished.  Khalas.  Yesterday, I was feeling weird about it.  After all, the (original) whole point of this year off was to produce something.  Y’know, like a book.  Which I’ve done.  And I’ve been struggling with whether or not it is ‘ready.’  As I’ve written 10+ books, I know there is a specific feeling when a book is done.  For whatever reason, The Queen is not ready to be shared with the world.  Even with lots of wonderful and supportive comments from readers.  Even with a cover.  Even with paying an editor.  I don’t have the feeling.

I was chatting with wonderful Elena, and realized (duh!): I can wait.  There is no publisher demanding the book.  To my knowledge, there is no audience demanding the book.  So, I kind of let all that sink in yesterday and woke up feeling much better about the whole situation.  As I reviewed my notebook (which includes pages of ideas to include in the series), I realized my next step is not publication, but instead editing the second book.  I have a feeling that the changes I make in the next draft of The Queen of England: Grand Tour will have a direct impact on the events of the first book.

Sure, I could make changes after publishing, but that doesn’t seem fair to me or the readers.  I want to get this right the first time.  So, as soon as I can get the 200 pages printed (damn, not having access to printers anymore), I’m going to roll up my sleeves and get to work on making the second manuscript better (believe me, this is going to take some effort).

I know Juliette is waiting, but when it’s time for her debut, I want her to move forward with the strongest possible launch.  While I wait, I may opt the manuscript in to NetGalley, but we’ll see.


For those who know me, patience is one of the adjectives I would least use to describe myself.  It feels strange.  The voice in me that loves to tick things off the to do list is frustrated, but the author voice is louder and it’s saying, clearly, it is not the time.

Here’s to waiting!


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