Week by numbers.

Hey there — long time, no see!

elf gif

  • 1, novel finished (hand edits).  As you may or may not be aware, the Queen of England: Coronation is done (and has been done) for awhile.  However, it still doesn’t feel 100% ready.  I believe that’s because events that will take place in Book #2 will have an impact on Book #1.  So, now that I’ve bled red ink all over the draft, the real work sets in.  Or maybe I’m just being super precious, we’ll never know.
  • 61,976, words in the Queen 2 manuscript (at the start of moving from the rough draft to the first draft).  I anticipate the number to go up, but I’ve also planned to cut quite a bit…so…
  • 200 pages, in case you were wondering what that looks like in Microsoft Word.
  • 1, trip to spin class after a three-month break.  Surprisingly, I didn’t do so bad!
  • 0 trips to Socotra, more on that later.
  • 2, great books I’ve read recently (the Six of Crows duoulogy is definitely worth picking up).
  • AED2300, the cost of a shot of the most expensive whiskey I’ve ever seen.  Witnessed at the Red Bar, at Desert Palm per AQUUM.

What have you been up to?

What are your thoughts?

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