Week by numbers.

It’s looking positively dreary outside — I love it!  Lots of good numbers this week:

  • 70,414 words.  The nearly final first draft of the Queen 2.  I’m currently running the entire book through a grammar program, and imagine I’ll end up adding and finalizing a few scenes (which will put me closer to the 75K I thought the book would end at… 10+ manuscripts in, I’m getting pretty good at knowing this stuff).
  • 221 pages, in case you wondered what that looks like.
  • 13 pages, that were cut entirely (I have a Google doc for scenes I might want to come back to).  I think the reality is with all cuts, edits, and scenes I probably chopped closer to 20 pages (which is 10% of the original rough draft, which also feels right).
  • 1, amazing suite I got to stay in this week (Fairmont Fujairah).
  • 100%, the level in which I am frustrated by the state of US politics right now.
  • 20+, years, our dear cat Nubbins turned this week (her birthday is on January 31st).
  • 3, number of dishes I picked out for my top meals in January.

Any good numbers for you to share?


What are your thoughts?

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