Week by numbers.

It’s not every week we experience a penultimate day of being a certain age…  Yes, that’s my complicated way of saying tomorrow is my birthday.

  • 36, years and…
  • 364, days.  (Although last year was a leap year, so does that mean 36 got an extra day?  Anyway, overall, I would call 36 a win.  There was good and bad, but overall, new friends, new books, and lots of travel — I can’t ask for anything more).
  • 37, age I’ll be as of Friday.  (Somehow 37 sounds infinitely older than 36, I’m not quite sure why).
  • 92, pages, currently of The Queen of England #3 rough draft.
  • 31,626, words, meaning I’m just under the halfway mark.  This is a bit concerning because I have a lot going on already and am trying to figure out how much more I can throw in the Queen’s path before the end…
  • 1, trip I’ve now booked for Rome in May.
  • 1, trip to the Maldives I’m hoping for in April…
  • 1, trip to Manila for the Madrid Food Conference I’m also hoping for in April.
  • 1, reading slump I am in.  Someone save me!
  • #22, restaurant in the world I am going to eat at tonight.

What are your thoughts?

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