Week by numbers.

Here we are Thursday…

  • 41,050, words on the Queen 3.  Given I might have a relatively large project (unrelated to writing) going on in May, it’s not unreasonable to want to finish the rough draft by the end of April.  At 1K words a day, that’s entirely possible.  Fingers crossed!
  • 110 pages, what that looks like.
  • 1, additional magical object I made up for Book #3.
  • #141, top number on the Kindle free books that Life After Joe reached two weeks ago (relatively decent considering I did not put much effort into the process this time around).  Unfortunately, this had led to…
  • 0, additional reviews.  Sad face.
  • Today, how long it’s taken me to recover from the 5 day trip to South Africa.  Yup, April 4th is the first time like I’ve felt caught up since March 21st (and I’m still not done with everything).  In this instance, I’m glad I didn’t push to go to the Madrid Fusion Conference (in Manila).
  • 2, days I’ve been waiting for an important call.  Ring, dammit.
  • 10,000, followers — the number I finally reached for my A to Za’atar Instagram account.  Go ahead and follow if you like colorful plates and fine dining.

What are your thoughts?

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