Week by numbers.

Just a few numbers to share this week:

  • 47,026, words on the rough draft of the Queen 3.
  • 137, pages (in case you wondered).
  • Several, amount of calls that have taken place to try and replace our empty gas canister.  Status of gas?  Still 0%.
  • AED90, amount per word I may earn for an upcoming article (that’s $25USD a word…not too shabby).  Yes, I’m just as surprised as you are.
  • 2, number of friends we’re going to see this evening from our early Dubai days.  I’m excited!
  • 1, restaurant I need to chose for lunch while I’m visiting next month.  Recommendations welcome!
  • 1, new book my friend just published.  I’m excited for her.

Made me laugh / research for a children’s book I’m never going to start writing.

Clyde broke down again and needed a tow. #lemonlaw #tradehimin #wideload #maxtowtruck

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