Week by numbers.

Yes!  I’m alive.  And I have numbers!

  • 65,403, words. The rough draft of the third book in The Queen of England trilogy is complete.  As with the two previous books, I imagine the final / next draft will come in around 70K, but this is a great place to start.  Now that the third book is officially over, I’m in the process of gathering my notes (spread across two notebooks, Pinterest and my Kindle) to put together the strongest stories possible.  Of course, this book will be ‘in the drawer’ until July at the very earliest (and probably longer).
  • 189, pages.  In case you wondered what that looks like exactly.
  • 1 (of 2) visas we have in place for a country we’re going to in less than a week.  Stressville, population Hubs and myself.  If you have any sway with the travel gods, please call in a favor.
  • 57, points (so far) I need to include in book #2.  I’ve gone super nerdy and have constructed a Google doc that includes the books and columns for each and all the details I’ve missed including or need to consider.
  • 2, number of spin classes I did this week.  Yay for getting back on the bike!
  • 1, number of filmed spots I did for the Entertainer (talking about — you guessed it — food!).  I’ll let you know when the video is ready.

What are your thoughts?

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