On the topic of abandoning books.

abandoning a book

This infographic stuck out to me recently.  For the longest time, I felt the responsibility (for lack of a better word) to finish any book I started (no matter how bad it was).  And then, in the last year, with a few exceptions, I sort of changed my outlook.  While I haven’t had the luxury of a library in close to ten years, I have been able to source free books through NetGalley, or daily Kindle deals.  (I’ll also admit that I’m a bit of a moody reader, and sometimes need to be in the right frame of mind to start and connect with a book).

Now, I tend to follow a pattern of giving a book at least 20% and if I’m more or less ‘checking out,’ then I pop over to Goodreads to see what others think.  I’m not sure why I seek out opinions, but for the most part, I usually find a reviewer who has the same impression I do (and then decide if I’m going to finish the book or skim it, or straight up ‘hate read’ — much like a ‘hate watch’).

So, are you a finisher?  Do you complete any book you start?  If not, what makes you put a book down?  For me, my biggest turn off is a lack of connection with the main character.  If I’m not engaged or straight up don’t care about their story, I just won’t read on.  Similarly, if a trope is played too hard, I also find that fairly off-putting.

What are your thoughts?

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