Book Club Questions for The Queen of England: Coronation.

Have you read The Queen of England: Coronation?  If you have, here are some further questions to direct conversation and other topics you might find interesting.

  1. What would your version of alternate history involve?  What period in time would you like to see redone?
  2. How would the book have changed if it were written in a modern timeline?
  3. This novel approaches both steampunk and the gaslamp fantasy genres, which elements succeeded?  Which failed?
  4. What sort of mythology do you see for Excalibur?  Do you think the sword exists somewhere in the world?
  5. What would you do if you were suddenly made monarch of a country?  Would you add any traditions of your own?
  6. What do you think of Queen Juliette’s proclamation to make a ‘grand tour?’  Do you have any expectations for the next book in the series?
  7. What was more important, the characters or the plot?  Was the plot moved forward by decisions of the characters, or were the characters at the mercy of the plot?
  8. Queen Juliette’s world is full of supporting characters, did you have a favorite?  Why?
  9. If you were given a unicorn, what would you name it?
  10. In a world like Queen Juliette’s, is there room for both love and duty?
  11. Why was the novel titled the way it was? Can you think of an alternative title?

Of course, I’d always love to hear any additional questions you might suggest!

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