The Queen of England: Coronation, Behind the Scenes.

I probably should’ve done this for some of my other novels, but anyway, I thought it would be fun to reveal some of the behind the scenes that went into the creation of The Queen of England: Coronation.

  • I couldn’t get the cover I really wanted.  I tried to contact the artist who took the photo that I thought was the best fit, but it was a dead end, so I ended up going the more ‘historical’ route.  While I think it works, I think it would be fun to do an ‘alt’ cover one day.
  • The old adage of not pissing off authors is true… Although I’ve never done it previously, someone royally pissed me off while I was in an early draft of the novel.  A version of that person’s name became an unlikeable character, completely on purpose.  All other details have been changed to protect the innocent.
  • The idea for the novel came to me after a lengthy (and relatively epic) Friday brunch (yes, the kind where you drink all day).  Something I read before I went to bed (about Prince Harry, if memory serves) seemed to trigger the book.
  • Juliette’s original name was Rosamund, which I ended up giving to her mother.
  • Captain Jonathan Cranleigh’s surname comes from an upscale prep school near where my former employer was located.
  • Juliette choice to prefer coffee to tea is an homage to my dad, who absolutely loves coffee.
  • A bit of a deep cut, but I first started writing… Sailor Moon fanfiction (and still do occasionally!).  SM fans will probably catch a little scene which is more or less directly out of the manga.
  • I have about 10 pages of scenes/dialogue that I ended up cutting…only to be replaced with more scenes and dialogue.
  • I still feel bad about fictionally killing Victoria and Albert.

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