Week by Numbers.

Just trying to keep up with everything these days…

  • 42, pages out of 195 that I’ve edited so far on Queen 3.  I’d hoped to make more progress, but I’m in the middle of cutting and rearranging a few scenes so it’s SUPER slow going.  (And I completely neglected the book today).
  • 1, hair cut and color (back to some form of blonde).
  • 1, new review for the Queen.
  • 1, second draft of the Queen 2 sent to the editor.  *eagerly waits in anticipation*
  • Many, new writer groups I’ve joined on Facebook.  Hoping for more tips and trips soon!
  • 9, episodes of Stranger Things watched.  I loved this season — how about you?
  • All, days of the 30×30 Dubai fitness challenge I’ve completed so far.  Sometimes it’s been a bit less active than others, but I have committed to 30 minutes a day.
  • 1, evening of trick or treating complete — the first we’ve ever done as expats.
I am giving this look to myself, re: lack of progress on Queen 3. I know I can do better (and stop procrastinating/making excuses)!


What are your thoughts?

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