Book review: How to Stop Time.

Are you sensing a theme here?

Yes, universe, I’m listening.  I realize it might (finally) be time to dust off the Fates and do something with the project — if only for my own vanity (and the hours I’ve already put into it).

Ahem.  As with Eternal Life and The Next Together, this bulk of this book dwells somewhat in the past and in my opinion, the novel suffers for the decision.  I get the need to ground these ‘eternal’ beings in the past, but the modern storyline in each of the novels pays the price for the time spent before ‘now.’  While Ayah may allude to what’s happened in her many years on earth, with the exception of a pivotal moment in her life, she doesn’t dwell on her previous versions.  Her actions are focused on her current life (and with good reason).  While the author did a relatively seamless job moving between the times, eras, names and personalities of the protagonist, unfortuantely, for someone who’s been alive for 400 years, his life is a bit depressing.

With a cover that makes no sense and a title that doesn’t really connect to the story, I feel Mr. Haig is already at a loss.  The overwhelming focus on the United Kingdom didn’t do a lot for me, and while I could overlook some awkward pacing, the horribly abrupt and OUT OF NOWHERE — and yet somehow entirely I saw it coming — ending was a terrible way to close things out.  This is not a matter of my comparing this book to my own, it’s that I’m shocked an editor (or the publisher) would let the novel be released with such a disaster of a climax.  The protagonist (and supporting characters) deserved better.  So, of course, does the audience.

Give this one a pass.


What are your thoughts?

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