Some reviews.

Ahem, I’ve had some down time this week, where my brain was not able to coherently put words together, thus I was able to increase my reading and television watching pursuits (mostly under the name of research).

The Best Offer

So, I watched this with a view towards the Heist book.  BTW, you can follow some of my ‘research’ via my Pinterest board for the manuscript, if you want to.  While I did see the ‘twist’ coming from a literal mile away, I enjoyed the ride and thought the characters were all interesting.  While the pacing was a bit slow, the locations were stunning (like, I want to live in Geoffrey Rush’s apartment) and the acting was fabulous.  It’s one to recommend for your parents (and I mean that in a good way).

The Last Panthers

Meh.  Another one for my Heist research.  While the pilot episode starts big (a jewelry heist, completed almost to precision), my interest quickly waned to the point that I didn’t finish watching.  No offense to foreign productions, but I think they sometimes suffer from what keeps more mainstream shows interesting (in this instance, better casting, faster editing, and more precise pacing).  Whereas in my book (and Danny Ocean’s team), I want you to root for the ‘bad guys’ (i.e. the guys who want to steal a painting), in The Last Panthers, there is really nothing engaging about a single member of the team. Perhaps if I keep watching I would’ve got a backstory or something, but honestly, at the twenty-minute mark, I didn’t care about any of them.  Also, I understand the idea of shooting something ‘gritty,’ but think there should be a difference between straight up ugly and stylized.  Pass.

The Pisces

I don’t like to knock another author’s work, but sometimes it’s called for.  With a frankly obnoxious protagonist and overall representation of women that is categorically disturbing, an overuse of the word ‘cock’ and (spoiler alert) an avoidable death of a dog (honestly!!!), I skimmed through this ‘merman erotica’ (no, seriously) on the first afternoon of my flu.  Of course, the book is not presented as merman erotica, but that’s more or less what it turns into (with some terrible antiheroes along the way).  The ending is also a  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ where I’m fairly certain the writer gave up and the editor didn’t seem to care.  It’s rare that I would actively avoid an author based on one novel, but that’s what The Pisces was for me.

What have you been reading or watching recently?

What are your thoughts?

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