The Queen of England: Grand Tour, Behind the Scenes.

Just as I did with the first book, I thought I would give a look into some of the behind the scenes details of The Queen of England: Grand Tour.  If you want to read the book without any spoilers, stop reading now.

  • I ended up changing a major character’s name in a late draft.  Her original name was just not a good fit.
  • And then I did the same thing with another character.  (I’m also going through something similar in my current manuscript).
  • In the last edit, I cut out a plot point that seemed super forced. I thought a certain character would nominate another character for a role, but in the last read, it just didn’t make any sense.
  • In the rough draft, Britannia was meant to go on the Grand Tour.  Logistically, it was too difficult from a logistics standpoint and ended up being cut.
  • Similarly, Askew was also meant to be on the Tour, but I thought it would be more in character that he stayed at Buckingham to protect Juliette’s interests.
  • I had originally thought to introduce a new Prime Minister while Juliette was traveling, but that seemed another bad fit (and that I was really just throwing too much at my poor Queen).  The Prime Minister will have more of a role in the third book.
  • Apparently, and this is going to very early days of the rough draft, there was an entire scene involving clues from the Battle coat of arms — needless to say, it was kind of a bunch of nonsense.  Cutting the scene was an easy choice as it was overly complicated.
  • I have another Sailor Moon reference in this novel.  Fans should be able to easily recognize the reference.
  • It took me more than a few tries to get the scene between Juliette and her half-sister, Riya, the way I wanted them.  Even now, I’m not 100% happy.
  • As another way to further complicate poor Juliette’s life, I originally had the day of the equinox (and all that happens) initially fall on the queen’s birthday.  When finalizing the first book, I realized that timing would be impossible.
  • I’m still trying to figure out how to work in Camelot, which I haven’t done yet.
  • I apparently wanted to give Prince Estevan a dog, but didn’t manage that detail either.

What are your thoughts?

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