Week by numbers.

It seemed time for an update, yes?

  • 1, book published!  Welcome to the world, The Queen of England: Grand Tour.  In case you’ve been hiding under a rock the past week, the sequel in the trilogy is now available (and I would love it if you might read and review).
  • 68,761, words on this year’s manuscript (202 pages, approximately).  I really wanted it to be finished before I published, but, it’s not done, so that’s life.  I am very close to having it finished and hope to have a solid first draft done by next Wednesday (let’s see).
  • 1, recent author interview.
  • 1, 1-star review on Life After Joe that really made me laugh.
  • 1, very nice villa we got to stay in this week at Desert Palm.
  • Epically, terrible job I did for packing for said night.  Really, there was no end to the level of how bad it was.
  • Some, adulating recently — car serviced for the first time in forever, and registration renewed on Hubs’ car. #winning
  • 1, video/song I’m still obsessed with (see below).



We’re off to see Solo tomorrow and maybe the Rain Room in Sharjah on Saturday.  We’ll also be cheering on Liverpool in the Champions League final on Saturday night.  Next week we’re heading to Georgia (the country, not the state).  More marketing attempts will be coming your way soon — I hope you’re enjoying them.

What are your thoughts?

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