Week by numbers.

Wrapping up a few things before heading home!

  • ~750, days since I was last in the United States.  At least that is what I calculated my trips apart as.  Given the current state of the world, this feels about right.  What’s funny is how my internal clock went off approximately 1 week ago, and I’ve been really ready to go ever since.  I don’t imagine I’ll want to stay, as I love my life here in Dubai.
  • 1, second draft sent to my editor of The Queen #3.  In this edit, I did my best to really ‘read’ the book.  I took out as much extra as I could, and stumbled on a scene that needed to be added.
  • 5, Michelin stars in my future next week, and…
  • 4, tasting menus.  I am delight.
  • 30, degree difference between Dubai and London. I am excited to not step outside and immediately regret my decisions.
  • 6,362, words I’m into my next manuscript.  With a dead zone between finishing editing Queen #3 and leaving for vacation, I decided to get a leg up on next year’s book.  My hope is to hit 10K before we leave, but 8K seems a bit more realistic.
  • Moderate, success I’ve had keeping with my intermittent fasting.  Some days are definitely better than others, but I’ve been keeping to a schedule as much as possible.  Even if I don’t hit 13 hours, I do try for 11-12 whenever possible. I think I’ve lost weight, but am not entirely positive.
  • ???, I need to calculate which countries I’ve been to for my customs form, and should probably get this in order before we leave on Tuesday.

We leave on Tuesday, so I’m not sure what, if any regularity I’ll be posting between July 17th – August 3rd.

What have you been up to?

What are your thoughts?

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