Week by numbers (Black Friday/Cyber Monday version).

Just thought I’d share a few of my spending habits with you…  I’m pretty sure it’s in my blood, but I love a discount.  Give me a coupon and I’m there.  So, this time of year is always exciting for me.  Given I recently discovered Ebates (a cash back website, here’s the link in case you feel like saving some dosh), I’m just watching my numbers rise with every purchase.

Also, because I am a total dork (and was trying not to overspend), I made a list and really tried to stick to it.

So, what did I pick up?

  • A new pack of business cards from Moo (30% off).  Really, a sort of bland buy, but my ‘nice’ cards (I have two versions) rarely go on sale, so I scooped some up.  Here’s my referral link, if you’re interested.  My cards are always getting compliments, so I see no reason to change.
  • Banana Republic.  I was ready for a dress, but in the end, opted for a shirt (entire site was 50% off).  Given I am in the middle of a purge of ‘I hate everything in my closet,’ it was time to pick up a few decent garments.
  • Sephora.  I keep wanting to ‘quit’ the site, but then I can’t.  After a rather drunken conversation about skincare regimens with three very knowledgable women on the subject, I pulled the trigger on some Drunk Elephant (I pretty much only buy at this time of year).
  • Amazon.  Hubs wanted a 23 & Me kit, and they were on sale.  Done.  (And hey, if you’re on Amazon, you can add or review any of my books, just saying).
  • Express.  I saw a shirt I liked, and then a dress.  40% off (I ordered early and missed the 50% off, no big). Both have somehow already arrived, and I am very happy with both.
  • Box of Style.  I’m such a sucker for a good box of stuff.  Ebates coupon + another coupon brought the price to something reasonable.  It’s probably a good thing that PopSugar is now blocked (for whatever reason) in the UAE.  I’m hoping the box is shipped soon!
  • Flywheel.  Classes aren’t cheap, so I’m booking as many as possible.  30% off.
  • Wisestamp.  I have a fun e-mail signature (necessary, I believe, especially when I pitch out a lot and want to rep myself in a professional manner).  The site has some other items on their platform, and I’m curious to see if adding them will have any impact on my traffic.  The savings were significant, but I’m also going to pull the plug if no magic happens in 30 days.

So close, but not quite:

  • The Limited.  Had a dress I liked, but didn’t love.  7/10 will probably regret not purchasing.
  • Birchbox.  Another site that was close, but not quite (a few of their limited edition boxes as well as regular beauty items).
  • Tom’s.  My old ones are, well, old.  Given they were 30% off, I’m pretty sure this one is going to haunt me.


What did you nab in the sales?  Anything fun?

What are your thoughts?

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