Week by numbers.

Whatcha been up to?  I got my holiday shop on today and knocked off most of my list (for other people, poor Hubs).  Other than that, we’re helping prep for our friend’s giant party tomorrow, then a festive brunch on Sunday.

  • 73,648, words, current length of the Louvre project.  Of course, I think I’m going to need to pull a nuclear option and do some major rewriting once I get to the end of this draft, so… I have no idea what that means for my current word count.
  • 40%, off, my dream shoes.  I’ve literally had my eye on these Gianvito Rossi’s for OVER A YEAR, and today BOOM they were on sale and in my size.  I may or may not have done a happy dance in Bloomingdales.
  • 1, giant leg of lamb I have in the fridge.  Being a food blogger has some very strange perks.  Don’t worry, we’re cooking it for our friends big festive blow out tomorrow.
  • 1, video celebrating the start of EAFOL, of which I’m involve in for the first time next year!
  • 1, paperback version of The Queen of England: Coronation, now available!
  • 12+ million, views, I have on my photos on Google Maps.
  • 43, minutes I averaged on Instagram last week – yay for bringing numbers down!
  • 5, mid-to-terrible movies, Hubs and I have watched as part of our Christmas spirit initiative.
  • 6, episodes, of The Great British Baking Show watched.  It’s the ultimate in soothing programming.
  • 4, episodes, of Fake or Fortune watched.  As research for the Louvre manuscript, this show has been absolutely wonderful!  I’m trying to download other seasons now.

What are you doing this weekend?

What are your thoughts?

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