Week by Numbers.

Hello again.  Some numbers, yes?

  • 1, spayed dog.  Our little foster was finally cleared to be fixed and is recovering in her little wee shirt.
    • 2, janky teeth pulled while she was under.
    • 2, times she got out in the past week (causing near heart attacks for me- thank goodness our neighbors are amazing).
  • 77,502, words.  I’m back to finish up the final second draft of the Louvre.  After a month hiatus, I’m straight up reading the book and cutting quite a bit (let’s not get started on some of the bigger edits that still might need to occur.
  • 18,186, words on 2019’s novel.  While I thought I was going to pick up A.U. (now titled Counterfactual), instead I’ve decided to work on a total chick lit/rom com book, with the working title, 20 Year Reunion.
  • 1, massive flu that refuses to die.  That will teach me for not getting the flu shot.
  • 1, agency I (think?) I’ve signed with.  Yes, we discussed Persian translations of my work…
  • 1, school visit I have scheduled for next week, in conjunction with EAFOL.
  • 2, podcasts I’ve recorded for an upcoming 2019 project.
  • 0, dirhams we managed to negotiate from our jerk landlord of this year’s rent.
  • 2, collaboration dinners I’ll be attending in the next week.
  • 1, deprivation tank I soaked in.
  • 0, travel plans for the year so far… Signs are pointing to Seychelles and Zanzibar.
  • 1, article placed with Curiosity Magazine (let’s hope it actually gets printed).

Hope your February is off to a great start!

What are your thoughts?

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