Week by Numbers (2019 edition).

As usual, weeks have passed… And I offer no excuses.  So, here is a humble offering of some important-to-me numbers.  Given my inconsistencies this year, I’ve decided to take more of an annual approach with this post.

  • 1, book I’ve finished editing!  Of course, it’s just the hand edit, so the actual first draft will take a bit more time.  I expect to add about 10,000 words (hopefully?), but overall ’20 Year Reunion’ is a lot of easy fun (even if I still can’t write a sex scene to save my life).  This is also my 2019 novel, so it feels good to get back to this one at the end of the year.
    • 54, page I’m currently up to on the first draft.
  • 1, foster cat we have for the holidays (hello, Lulu!).
    • 3, legs (and other tragic backstory notes).
    • 5, foster pets we’ve had this year (Phoebe, Lola, Lulu, Smudge, and Teddy Pee Pants).
  • 4, press trips/trips where other people paid.  Up one, from 2018.
  • 2, radio ads completed.  Up one, from a web ad I did in 2018.  (Any improvement is something, right?)
  • Lots, more getting paid for my writing.  Which sort of brings me to a resolution of sorts for 2020.  As brutal as I’ve been about going out in 2019, I needed to up the ante next year, and really focus only on leaving the house for when I’m getting paid.  Otherwise, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • 1, new magazine I’m writing for (paid).
    • 1, new website I’m writing for (paid).
    • 1, foreword written for a cookbook (my first!).  I’ve got another one coming in 2020.
  • Silver, status achieved on Emirates (from a lot of flying).
  • 1, book club going strong!  Founded in January, we’re a motley crew, but a fun one.
  • 6,974, average number of steps per day.
  • 34,552,083, views on my contributions to Google Maps.  (No, I still haven’t figured out how to monetize this).
  • 16, episodes of CSR of One, the podcast I launched this year.
  • 7, countries visited (I don’t think I’m forgetting anywhere).

Of course, next year includes a rather significant number — 40!  March is coming up fast, and my weight goals to get there aren’t really falling in line.  Oh well, age is just a number, right?


What are your thoughts?

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