Some outtakes from 20 Year Reunion.

Just a few behind the scenes things for Twenty Year Reunion

  • Walnut Grove is named after a restaurant in Dubai.
  • So is the character Zonia (or at least part of her name).
  • I didn’t originally write an epilogue, but all of my initial readers wanted one (including my editor).
  • Instead of Rebecca, I debated naming the main character, Kira.
  • I wrote this book instead of another book I’ve long had an idea for.
  • There is nothing autobiographical about this book (in case anyone was wondering about a certain Josh Beard, although the inclusion of Garfield is an homage to Josh’s cat).
  • I originally thought this book was going to be ‘full length,’ but the story felt complete at 50K words.
  • The UK doesn’t have The Bachelor like the US does.
  • I named a fictional director after a friend of mine who is actually a director.
  • There is a law firm named (nearly) after one of my nephews.
  • I debated writing lyrics to Ode to You and Me.
  • My favorite line in this book has ‘dick’ in it. #sorrynotsorry
  • No, I’ve never actually flown in a private jet.
  • I debated a few cover looks (check out the Pinterest board for other ideas that didn’t get used).

What are your thoughts?

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