Week by numbers.

Hi there, me again!

Some numbers, you ask?

  • 4,000, words(ish), I’ve cut from my most recent manuscript.  I started with 81K (hey, there’s two protagonists), and would love to get to 70K, but I think I’m going to be closer to 75K.
  • 1, book published.  In case you’ve somehow missed all my chat about Twenty Year Reunion, I’d love for you to download a copy (link here).
  • 15-20, minutes a day, Hubs and I are trying to get of sun.  Given we’re restricted to our house, we put on some tunes and lay out in the backyard.  Given how pale I was, I’m hoping to come out at the end of the month with something approaching a tan.  That, and some Vitamin D is necessary (since I’m not allowed to walk outside).
  • 3, number of video sessions we’re averaging per week, with friends.
  • under 1,000, steps I’m taking (as compared to over 9,000 the weeks before). It’s very sad to see my health app drop from nearly 10K to 500 in a week, but I know it’s for the greater good.  I’m never going to take going for a walk again for granted.
  • 2, articles I was quoted in this week.
  • 1, foreword of a cookbook that should also be published this week.  This is not the writing I usually do, but it’s always fun to try different things.
  • 2, alcoholic beverages I’ve had this week.  Given this time of year would be peak PR season, and my weekly average would be WAY over this.  As much as I want to open a bottle of Prosecco every night, or make a G&T every afternoon, I’m going to try and keep this number in check.
  • 2,000, photos deleted from iCloud.  Yes, I still have a ways to go, but I’m hoping to get closer to 18K, rather than the 20K I was at!
  • 6, days since I’ve worn a real bra or make up (it was for my virtual wine tasting class).  I’m also pretty flaky when it comes to deodorant these days.
  • 3.5, hours, daily screen time – which actually shocked me!  I thought I was definitely over four hours.

Any significant numbers in your life these days?

What are your thoughts?

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