Week by numbers.

A few updates!  I hope you’ve been well, and I’d always love to hear what sort of numbers are interesting in your life.

  • 9,628, words into the sequel to Take One at Mulholland High.  (Working title, to surprise no one, Take Two at Mulholland High).  this makes me feel good, because crossing the 10K mark always makes me think ‘now you’re on the way to an actual novel.’
  • 6,194, words into the sequel of Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek.  I’ve started this because, maybe (?) there might be some progress with the original.  Let’s see — I’ve got a call on the 20th.  It’s secondary, but fun and a little less organized than the first manuscript.
  • 1, video I made about learning how to saber champagne.
  • ??, day of quarantine it is.
  • 25, total reviews on Twenty Year Reunion.  It’s official, Hidden Gems really is the ONLY review service to use.
  • 10, kilos of vegetables I received last weekend from Emirates Bio Farm.  I was able to give a lot to a neighbor, but it certainly made for some creative cooking this week. Including…
  • First, time we made stuffed jalapeño poppers for lunch on Wednesday.
  • ALL, the cheese I bought at the store yesterday.
  • 1, alcoholic beverage consumed this week so far (yay me!).
  • 1,000 pieces of the current super difficult puzzle we’re working on.


What are your thoughts?

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