1 show I liked, 1 book I loved, and a novel that was meh.

The Great

I saw the trailer for this series earlier in the year, and it’s now available on Hulu. Produced by Oscar Award nominee, Tony McNamara (screenwriter of The Favourite), I knew I would be watching.  Given my love of a) women in history b) period dramas and c) amazing writing, I am literally the target demographic for the show.  Add in a wonderful amount of diversity (well, in casting, not so much for the LGBTQ crowd, sorry gang), and I’m basically recommending this show to anyone who will listen.  For their roles, Nicolas Hoult and Dakota Fanning might be at their peak, and I can only think both were delighted to take on such interesting characters.  I sincerely hope there is another season.

American Royals

I think you’re probably sending a theme here.  Although I finished this book last year (oops), I didn’t manage to write a review, even though I loved it.  Imagine a world where America is ruled by a monarch.  Now, put the story in modern times, add in the first Queen apparent, and of course – some romantic entanglements.  The sequel is out this year, and I cannot wait.  (For those looking for similar, The Royal We, by the Fug Girls, is also a fab ‘what if’ royal book).

A Shadow Bright and Burning

An alternate history Victorian England? One with magic?  Well, that certainly sounds familiar.  Unfortuantely, Ms. Cluess seems determined to overload the story with so many names and people that it’s nearly impossible to keep them all straight (never mind that there seem to be no less than three love interests).  The world building is so clunky, it constantly took me out of the story.  While there are other books in the story, I have no desire to read them.  with a protagonist that kind of has things happen to her (albeit with some cool magic thrown in), this one was a struggle to finish, and I won’t be reading the rest of the series.

So, have you read or watched anything interesting recently?  Let me know!

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