The Queen of England: Grand Tour (a potential cover).

So… I follow a lot of different YA, author and reading groups, which tend to have a lot of decent information and support.  One of those I followed had a cover artist offer a free service to do a cover mock up.  As I have time (the next book in the Queen series will most likely be available in Q1 of next year) and I’m less than 20 pages away from finishing a draft before it goes off to an editor, I thought, ‘Why not?’

I did send in some reference photos, including the Pinterest board, as well as the cover of the current novel.

While there are some elements I like, it looks far too novice to represent my story.  The fonts are wrong, my name is too big and while I like the tag line (never mind the unnecessary comma), it is too far from where I think my final cover will end up.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback!


Week by numbers.

Actually felt like some progress this week!  I hope you had a good one.

  • 1, major (!) scene I conveniently forgot to write in a previous draft of The Queen 2.  Past Courtney, that was not very nice of you — you had 3 drafts to get this right.
  • 1, scene mostly written (see above).
  • 75,062, current word count.
  • 204 (out of 228), pages edited.
  • 0, editors I have contacted yet (oops).
  • 1, book finally sold yesterday! I was in a MAJOR slump, so this provided a bit of much needed optimism.
  • 165, places contacted in total. Had a few more nibbles this week, so I need to get started writing some guest blog posts.
  • 1, week left before my husband turns 40! Where does the time go?