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Find me on Amazon as either Ann Benjamin (adult genre books) and Courtney Brandt (young adult novels).  All of my books are available to read for free via Kindle Unlimited. Also, should you feel so inclined, I adapted a screenplay for one of my novels, A Fine Line.

Can you love the same person twice in one lifetime?

When recently divorced Rebecca Lassiter is invited to her twenty-year high school reunion, she considers her options. Should she go? And will he be there? ‘He’ is none other than her ex-boyfriend, Quinn Martel, a wildly successful musician, known around the globe. When Rebecca’s flight is canceled the day before she’s supposed to leave for the reunion, as a last effort, she reaches out to Quinn, shocked when he responds, and even further surprised when he offers a ride in his private jet back to the States.

Will sparks fly again between them? Will Quinn’s rockstar life be too much to overcome? Or will Rebecca’s jealous ex-husband ruin things before they get started?

Download Twenty Year Reunion for a fun, sexy, and unique trip down memory lane.

When the love of your life leaves, where do you go?

When thirty-something Liz McNeil is unexpectedly widowed, she has no idea what to do with her life. After the initial shock of her husband’s death wears off, she packs up her car and sets off on a tour of the country with Joe’s urn in the passenger seat. Using social media to connect with a variety of friends and family, Liz works through her grief in a number of unpredictable methods. As she shares her experience via blog posts, on a road trip full of surprises, Liz takes what life has given her and makes the best of her situation.

Will Liz ever be able to experience love again? Readers of P.S. I Love You will definitely be interested in the journey of this courageous young woman and her struggle for a new normal.

Life After Joe is currently available on Amazon.


One hotel suite. One year. Many stories.

The Winchester Hotel is an active property in Beverly Hills, California. Luxurious and discreet, it is a perfect location for business meetings, weddings, affairs, and other important life events – including the death of an A List celebrity. Told from the omniscient perspective of the room, the reader has a front row seat to the drama that unfolds in the suite. Although each chapter is unique, the characters’ lives intertwine in a way only possible in a major metropolis like Los Angeles.

Room 702 is currently available on Amazon.

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If you are a book reviewer and interested in one of my novels, please feel free to contact me — I would be happy to send you a copy to read and review.

Books written as Courtney Brandt:

Marching Band

The Line (Book 1)

A Fine Line (Book 2)

Keeping in Line (Book 3)

The Line Up (Book 4)

Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek

Major Pain

The Queen of England

The Queen of England: Coronation (Book 1)

The Queen of England: Grand Tour (Book 2)

The Queen of England: Ascension (Book 3)

Mulholland High

Take One at Mulholland High

Take Two at Mulholland High