Go home, Pronoun, you’re drunk.

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So, in my never-ending quest to promote and involve my books in various places, I signed up for Pronoun.  The service tracks the rise of your books and the rank within your dedicated categories (something I really haven’t given additional thought to).  In this instance, while I understand the service is trying to be helpful by suggesting alternate categories, the results gave me a reason to laugh.

Author Challenge, Day 8: Shelfie

*Raises hand* My name is Courtney Brandt and I rarely never buy physical copies of books.  Honestly, shamefully I do not even have hard copies of all of my books.  Essentially, goodness do I like adverbs this morning being an expat for 9 years, lugging around books is difficult and expensive.  It’s why I love e-books and will never go back.box of shame gif

Author Challenge, Day 6: Favorite Review

As an author, I may not have sold the most books, but I have received some truly incredible reviews.  Over the years, two stick out to me:

  1. With the release of the final book in my marching series, a reader commented (with love) how she couldn’t wait to pass these books along to her children.  Seriously, I was crazy excited.
  2. With the release of Room 702, I received a private and very personal message.  In the book, a character goes to the room to end their life (but in the end, chooses not to).  Apparently, this reader had a nearly identical experience and had never know how to share that moment in their life with friends and family.  Reading the chapter was a way to bridge what happened and talk about it openly.  I cried.  In fact, I still tear up thinking about it.
  3. Bonus!  As the subject of Life After Joe is a sensitive one (the journey — literally and figuratively — of a widow), I’ve been very happy with the reception from real widows.  Their opinions mean a lot to me.

    Slothilda knows what’s up. Imagine this is me when I get a positive review.

Author Challenge, Day 4: Your Published Works

To date, I have 8 books published:

As Courtney Brandt

The Line

A Fine Line

Keeping in Line

The Line Up

Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek

Major Pain

writing gif

As Ann Benjamin

Room 702

Life After Joe

I also have four unpublished novels (2 YA, 2 Adult), a novella, and a few books I have conceptualized but not yet written.  I’m hoping to release my next book, The Queen of England: Coronation later this year (under Courtney Brandt).  I’m also hoping to finish writing book two of the series (planned trilogy) this year.  I tend to write a book a year, and it’s almost May!

Author Challenge!

author 30 day challenge

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  And I like these types of things.  And this one is just different enough to the others I’ve done…  🙂  So, the first book I wrote (and incidentally published) was The Line.  It will be 10 years old next year (!), and it still feels like I just started.  Sure, it’s not the most amazing writing, and yes, there is a bit of a self-insert going on, but The Line showed me what I was capable of — that I could finish a novel.  I tried to have it traditionally published, then decided to go on my own.

With The Line, I had so much motivation — there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for that book.  Honestly, I wish I could have that level of motivation for my most recent releases.  Nearly 10 years later, I know the cover needs a tune up (it’s on my to do list with the rest of the series).  Because of technology and also how a marching season is now divided, it’s dated, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.