Casting Couch, The Queen of England: Coronation

Well, of course I had actors in mind while writing this novel!   As this was such a fun project with Life After Joe, once again, I thought I would give this a go.  And naturally, I watched BBC’s Victoria as part of my research (and am very much looking forward to the next season – squee!).  While I did read a number of biographies on Queen Victoria, it was interesting to see people from history brought to life.

Anyway, as Victoria is most notably absent in my novel, here’s my cast:

Camren Bicondova (Queen Juliette)

For reasons unknown, Camren has always been in my mind when picturing Queen Juliette.  Juliette is a young, independent woman, and Ms. Bicondova (to me) would make a great choice should the Queen ever make it to the screen.

Camren Bicondova

Jude Law (Askew)

Perhaps in a bit more dapper fashion than his look as Watson, I genuinely think Mr. Law would make a fine version of Queen Juliette’s Lord Steward.

jude law as watson

Jesse Williams (Prince Estevan)

In my opinion, tall, dark and handsome princes should always look like this (In my fictional world, I would age him down to about 25).  He speaks a number of languages, is quite well written, and gifts unicorns.  Le sigh.

Jesse Williams

Alex Pettyfer (Captain Jonathan Cranleigh)

Our Captain of the Queen’s guard has a difficult job, trying to keep up with Queen Juliette and ignore his feelings for her in the process.


Kat Denning (Isabella, The Black Queen/Lady Thief)

With the resident Queen of the Seven Dials on your side, what could go wrong?Kat Denning

Ariana Vail (Miss Helena Westbury)

Of course I’m going to have an American running around!  Helena is a smart and enthusiastic friend of Juliette (someone she definitely needs in her life).

Romann Berrux (Quick)

Every Queen needs a reliable page she can count on, and Quick is no different.


Of course, the next two books will reveal additional cast members (and I only included the principal cast here), but I wonder if there were any actors you particularly had in mind when reading The Queen of England: Coronation?


The Queen of England: Coronation, a playlist.

Some of these songs were important my obsession during the writing and editing process, others just remind me of Juliette or the cast somehow:

I’d put this on Spotify (or similar), but there are some restrictions living in the UAE.  Recommendations are always welcome!

Book Club Questions for The Queen of England: Coronation.

Have you read The Queen of England: Coronation?  If you have, here are some further questions to direct conversation and other topics you might find interesting.

  1. What would your version of alternate history involve?  What period in time would you like to see redone?
  2. How would the book have changed if it were written in a modern timeline?
  3. This novel approaches both steampunk and the gaslamp fantasy genres, which elements succeeded?  Which failed?
  4. What sort of mythology do you see for Excalibur?  Do you think the sword exists somewhere in the world?
  5. What would you do if you were suddenly made monarch of a country?  Would you add any traditions of your own?
  6. What do you think of Queen Juliette’s proclamation to make a ‘grand tour?’  Do you have any expectations for the next book in the series?
  7. What was more important, the characters or the plot?  Was the plot moved forward by decisions of the characters, or were the characters at the mercy of the plot?
  8. Queen Juliette’s world is full of supporting characters, did you have a favorite?  Why?
  9. If you were given a unicorn, what would you name it?
  10. In a world like Queen Juliette’s, is there room for both love and duty?
  11. Why was the novel titled the way it was? Can you think of an alternative title?

Of course, I’d always love to hear any additional questions you might suggest!

The Queen of England: Coronation – now available!

And on a random Tuesday, I hit the ‘publish’ button.  A bit anticlimactic, really, but the timing felt as right as it ever will and now I can begin the uphill battle of making noise for this novel in a very loud world.  Should you be interested (and I certainly hope you are), feel free to purchase the novel here (available for the first month at only $0.99).

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Go home, Pronoun, you’re drunk.

img_5213 img_5214-1

So, in my never-ending quest to promote and involve my books in various places, I signed up for Pronoun.  The service tracks the rise of your books and the rank within your dedicated categories (something I really haven’t given additional thought to).  In this instance, while I understand the service is trying to be helpful by suggesting alternate categories, the results gave me a reason to laugh.