Week by numbers.

Actually felt like some progress this week!  I hope you had a good one.

  • 1, major (!) scene I conveniently forgot to write in a previous draft of The Queen 2.  Past Courtney, that was not very nice of you — you had 3 drafts to get this right.
  • 1, scene mostly written (see above).
  • 75,062, current word count.
  • 204 (out of 228), pages edited.
  • 0, editors I have contacted yet (oops).
  • 1, book finally sold yesterday! I was in a MAJOR slump, so this provided a bit of much needed optimism.
  • 165, places contacted in total. Had a few more nibbles this week, so I need to get started writing some guest blog posts.
  • 1, week left before my husband turns 40! Where does the time go?

Week by numbers.

Another week in the grind.  I’m in a state where I (desperately) feel/hope all this work I’m doing will pay off.  Because if not, what is the point of continuing to do it?

  • 160, total bloggers contacted for reviews (and that doesn’t include the number I’ve messaged for Joe, which I’m also trying to hustle a bit)
  • 154, pages edited on the sequel.  Not my most inspired effort, but I’m hoping for a productive 2 days ahead.
  • 1, new review on the Queen (there’s hope)!
  • 1, awesome book I have to read this weekend (I love Sarah Maas, do you?)
  • 3, solo nights I have ahead of me (Hubs is on a last minute business trip)
  • All, the laundry I plan to do — so exciting!

How did your week go?


Week by Numbers.

Er, not as productive a week as I would’ve hoped:

  • 135, total places contacted for reviews… I’m getting polite no’s mostly, but now and then someone is helpful — there is hope!
  • 115, pages edited of the Queen #2 (out of 223).  I’m being a bit more brutal these days and trying to cut down on extra words, phrases, and general exposition.  I’d really hoped to get further, but here’s looking at next week!
  • 1, dream spa visited (a friend hooked me up with a review at Armani Spa, which has been on my bucket list for years).
  • 1, trip to Abu Dhabi to film an episode of What’s Cooking UAE – my first solo episode!
  • 0, new reviews.
  • Limited, books sold.
  • 1, new piece of fan fiction I wrote.
  • 1, excellent book I’m getting into that’s really giving me some ideas for my next book, A.U.

How was your week/August?

Week by Numbers.

The week sort of got away from me, but such is life:

  • 90, pages I’ve edited on the Queen 2 (no, I didn’t start at 0).
  • 73,332, current word count of Queen 2, which I expect to go up.
  • 2, additional reviews for the Queen 1 (yay!)
  • A few, more copies sold (not exactly enough to make me feel like a colossal failure, but more reviews and coverage should be coming soon)
  • 1, pair of dream shoes I tried on today, for the low cost of…
  • EUR645 (sobs)
  • 2, number of spin classes I went to this week which included…
  • 1, new personal best!
  • Some, movement on a project that I thought had died.  Excited to see what happens in September!

Week by Numbers.

A bit early in the week, isn’t it?  Still, as of this afternoon, The Queen of England: Coronation will be a week old.  I believe I did this for Life After Joe, and think it’s a nice experiment for this novel as well.

Just in case you wondered how I’ve been spending my time…

  • 1 review, thank Dan for being a friend who 100% ‘gets it.’  Now, only 4 more until I can start ads on Facebook.
  • 10+ books sold, of course, this is A LOT less than I’d like it to be, and this is precisely the reason I didn’t want to publish because not even 15 books in a week feels like a GIANT failure.  Just being honest over here — my self esteem can be directly tied to my book sales.
  • 70, book bloggers contacted.  I’m thinking it as a ‘DIY Book Tour.’  I’ve had more interest than not, or no response at all.  Fortunately, two of the ‘yes’s’ are ones most suitable for my genre, so I’m excited to see where this goes.
  • 3, book bloggers contacted for Life After Joe.  A sort of knock down effect of trying to get reviewers for the Queen has led me to some appropriate potential reviewers for Joe.  Who knew?
  • A lot, of book bloggers who don’t want to read self-published novels.  My response is that I’ve had the book professionally edited and formatted.  Doesn’t that count for something?
  • 0, number of times I’ve opened The Queen of England: Grand Tour (Book #2) in the past week.  Must market.  Must finish food reviews…
  • Marathon, not the sprint.  I constantly have to remind myself that I haven’t published a YA book in 4 years, so it’s going to take awhile to rebuild my audience.

Unrelated to all this book stuff:

  • 1, approach from an Italian company who thought I was a Dutch Influencer (re: A to Za’atar goes to Amsterdam).  Flattered, but no.
  • 1, review I’m scheduled to write for the Ritz-Carlton DIFC.
  • 4, days out of 5 with food reviews.  That’s about 2 too many.


Week by numbers.

Lol, tricked you.  My brain is a bit mush after trying to finish too many projects this week (for realz), so here is Taron Egerton as my spirit animal.

I’m in Amsterdam escaping the heat, eating some Michelin food, and looking forward to the U2 concert on Sunday.  What are you up to this weekend?


Week by numbers.

Look at me!  Semi-regular posting!

It was a busy week and I’ve managed to accomplish quite a bit:

  • 1, completed synopsis (putting the book into treatment form is something I like to do before publishing…I still need the one-page version, but at 10 pages, I’m happy with the current version, which helped me realize a missing beat or two).
  • 1, completed novel (it’s on my Kindle and I’m reading it for any final fixes and spoiler alert, I’m totally falling back in love with my book — it’s going to be available just as soon as I can finish reading and get my formatter to finalize things)
  • 1, Facebook group started for my YA name, Courtney Brandt
  • 1, book trailer for the Queen (almost complete — don’t worry, I’ll share it with you when it’s done)
  • 1, website refresh and migration to new host (nearly complete)
  • 1, sister arriving from the States (in less than 12 hours)