Week by numbers.

Yes!  I’m alive.  And I have numbers!

  • 65,403, words. The rough draft of the third book in The Queen of England trilogy is complete.  As with the two previous books, I imagine the final / next draft will come in around 70K, but this is a great place to start.  Now that the third book is officially over, I’m in the process of gathering my notes (spread across two notebooks, Pinterest and my Kindle) to put together the strongest stories possible.  Of course, this book will be ‘in the drawer’ until July at the very earliest (and probably longer).
  • 189, pages.  In case you wondered what that looks like exactly.
  • 1 (of 2) visas we have in place for a country we’re going to in less than a week.  Stressville, population Hubs and myself.  If you have any sway with the travel gods, please call in a favor.
  • 57, points (so far) I need to include in book #2.  I’ve gone super nerdy and have constructed a Google doc that includes the books and columns for each and all the details I’ve missed including or need to consider.
  • 2, number of spin classes I did this week.  Yay for getting back on the bike!
  • 1, number of filmed spots I did for the Entertainer (talking about — you guessed it — food!).  I’ll let you know when the video is ready.

Week by numbers.

Just a few numbers to share this week:

  • 47,026, words on the rough draft of the Queen 3.
  • 137, pages (in case you wondered).
  • Several, amount of calls that have taken place to try and replace our empty gas canister.  Status of gas?  Still 0%.
  • AED90, amount per word I may earn for an upcoming article (that’s $25USD a word…not too shabby).  Yes, I’m just as surprised as you are.
  • 2, number of friends we’re going to see this evening from our early Dubai days.  I’m excited!
  • 1, restaurant I need to chose for lunch while I’m visiting next month.  Recommendations welcome!
  • 1, new book my friend just published.  I’m excited for her.

Made me laugh / research for a children’s book I’m never going to start writing.

Clyde broke down again and needed a tow. #lemonlaw #tradehimin #wideload #maxtowtruck

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Week by numbers.

Here we are Thursday…

  • 41,050, words on the Queen 3.  Given I might have a relatively large project (unrelated to writing) going on in May, it’s not unreasonable to want to finish the rough draft by the end of April.  At 1K words a day, that’s entirely possible.  Fingers crossed!
  • 110 pages, what that looks like.
  • 1, additional magical object I made up for Book #3.
  • #141, top number on the Kindle free books that Life After Joe reached two weeks ago (relatively decent considering I did not put much effort into the process this time around).  Unfortunately, this had led to…
  • 0, additional reviews.  Sad face.
  • Today, how long it’s taken me to recover from the 5 day trip to South Africa.  Yup, April 4th is the first time like I’ve felt caught up since March 21st (and I’m still not done with everything).  In this instance, I’m glad I didn’t push to go to the Madrid Fusion Conference (in Manila).
  • 2, days I’ve been waiting for an important call.  Ring, dammit.
  • 10,000, followers — the number I finally reached for my A to Za’atar Instagram account.  Go ahead and follow if you like colorful plates and fine dining.

Week by numbers.

It’s not every week we experience a penultimate day of being a certain age…  Yes, that’s my complicated way of saying tomorrow is my birthday.

  • 36, years and…
  • 364, days.  (Although last year was a leap year, so does that mean 36 got an extra day?  Anyway, overall, I would call 36 a win.  There was good and bad, but overall, new friends, new books, and lots of travel — I can’t ask for anything more).
  • 37, age I’ll be as of Friday.  (Somehow 37 sounds infinitely older than 36, I’m not quite sure why).
  • 92, pages, currently of The Queen of England #3 rough draft.
  • 31,626, words, meaning I’m just under the halfway mark.  This is a bit concerning because I have a lot going on already and am trying to figure out how much more I can throw in the Queen’s path before the end…
  • 1, trip I’ve now booked for Rome in May.
  • 1, trip to the Maldives I’m hoping for in April…
  • 1, trip to Manila for the Madrid Food Conference I’m also hoping for in April.
  • 1, reading slump I am in.  Someone save me!
  • #22, restaurant in the world I am going to eat at tonight.

Week by numbers.

One of those weeks where I feel like I did everything and nothing…

  • 23,048 number of words for The Queen of England 3: Rogue Nation (working title that I don’t particularly care for).  I debated what to work on (The Queen of England #1 is more or less done, except I keep fiddling with parts of it because it doesn’t feel 100% complete, and the Queen #2’s first draft is also complete, so I kind of needed to work on something…)
  • 1, number of Top 5 chefs in the world I met this week (now I just need to watch his episode of Chef’s Table).
  • 1, boat show attended (well, really just the VIP section with free warm prosecco).
  • 6, days in a row I’ve logged with MyFitnessPal (it was well past time to get serious about knocking off a few kgs).
  • 15, days until I turn…
  • 37, years of age (by the way, that sounds crazy old to me).

Off to Fujairah tomorrow while Hubs finished his next diving certificate.  I’m ready for a chill, but am still epically behind on reviews from Bangkok, so I think it will be a matter of blogging from bed.


Week by numbers.

If you want to know what I’ve been up to this week, I’ve been furiously formatting.  It is definitely not as fun as it sounds.  So. Much. Tab.  Anyway, with the first draft 99% there, I’m happy with the changes between the rough draft and this one.  I know some additional changes will need to take place, but at least the manuscript is now in a place where I can confidently share it with others.

  • 2, invented countries in the Queen 2.
  • 72,734, words.  I came in more or less exactly where I thought this draft would finish.  Yay goals!
  • 10, years, since my first book was published.  I look back fondly at the motivation levels I had for The Line.  There was literally no avenue I wouldn’t try to promote it.  Although I stopped counting, between sales and giveaways, I think in its lifetime that more then 10,000 copies are out in the world.  That makes me happy.
  • 5, dinners I have lined up next week in Bangkok.  My liver might actually die.  I’m not sure yet.  I’m hopeful the clothes I’m packing will be forgiving.


Week by numbers.

It’s looking positively dreary outside — I love it!  Lots of good numbers this week:

  • 70,414 words.  The nearly final first draft of the Queen 2.  I’m currently running the entire book through a grammar program, and imagine I’ll end up adding and finalizing a few scenes (which will put me closer to the 75K I thought the book would end at… 10+ manuscripts in, I’m getting pretty good at knowing this stuff).
  • 221 pages, in case you wondered what that looks like.
  • 13 pages, that were cut entirely (I have a Google doc for scenes I might want to come back to).  I think the reality is with all cuts, edits, and scenes I probably chopped closer to 20 pages (which is 10% of the original rough draft, which also feels right).
  • 1, amazing suite I got to stay in this week (Fairmont Fujairah).
  • 100%, the level in which I am frustrated by the state of US politics right now.
  • 20+, years, our dear cat Nubbins turned this week (her birthday is on January 31st).
  • 3, number of dishes I picked out for my top meals in January.

Any good numbers for you to share?