Week by numbers.

New year, new list.

  • 1, jab of Sinopharm, for both me and Hubs. We’re waiting on our second shots.
  • 1, negative PCR test, also for me and Hubs. There was some risk of exposure last week, and we’ll get tested again at the end of the week.
  • 147, pages, edited of Take Two at Mulholland High.
  • 7, pages cut so far.
  • 72,466, words, implying that there is still plenty I’m adding (not including a chapter that still needs finishing).
  • 1.4, kilos that I’m down from an ATF in January, leaving me another 1.6 to get to my goal weight and another kilo after that if I want to flex.
    • This is not including the 5 chocolate oatmeal cookies I just ate (I’m not even kidding).
  • 6,142, average steps for the year so far.
  • 5, days, I’ve had alcohol this year – back on track from my ‘only drink if I’m reviewing’ approach that I had long given up.
  • 2nd, season I’m watching of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am one of the few people of my generation who somehow missed this show (as did Hubs). I can recommend it as a perfect distraction from pandemic living.
  • 0, podcasts I’ve recorded so far. Oh motivation, why do you forsake me?
  • 1, microphone purchased. Whenever motivation does strike, I’d like to be ready – for future podcasts, voice over work, or getting around to recording an audio version of one of my books.

Hope your 2021 is going well!

Week by Numbers.

This is my first week by numbers since July (oops), so there’s a few numbers to catch up on!

  • 2, YA books published.
  • 1, weekly foodie newsletter I’ve started. (Click here if you’d like to sign up).
  • 48,370, words into Confessions 2 (sequel to the above book).
  • 69,622, words for the complete sequel Take Two at Mulholland High that I finished in August (guys, I wrote A LOT this year).
  • 1, (potential) job in radio that I’m waiting on.
  • 2, new pairs of glasses ordered (the last time I got new glasses was apparently 2015, oops).
  • 3, offered full Thanksgiving dinners.  I accepted one last weekend, and one on Thanksgiving.
  • 1, international trip that Hubs is on (to Saudi for work, and the first travel since we went to Oman in early February).
  • 14, holes in our back yard (an estimate), from Poppy.

Week by numbers.

Hey there, how you feeling?  How have you been?  As much as it sucks to know I most likely won’t be traveling this year, I am trying to make the most of being in one place for months at a time.

  • 70,000, words, I finally finished the rough draft for a sequel to an unpublished book I wrote over 10 years ago (and am hoping to publish this year).  I started writing it on May 8th, so this tracks with my usual rough draft writing (I tend to finish a manuscript in 3-4 months, so this is actually on the quick side, especially considering I thought it would be done two weeks ago).
  • 16,850, words, I committed to the sequel of a book I wrote almost ten years ago (see next point).
  • 70,000, words, I need to edit by August 14th.  Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek is going to small print later this year!  I’m currently eight chapters in, and it’s fun revisiting (and updating) the project.  I’m optimistic that it will find a new audience in November.
  • 1, foster dog we’ve adopted.  We love you, Poppy!  She’s been with us since May.
    • Nearly 2, walks a day – good for the diet.
    • 2, names of dog friends we’ve already picked out for her future family.
  • 2, podcast episodes for CSR of One, Season 3 that are now live.  I hope you’ll check out the new season.
  • ???, days until we’ll safely be allowed to go home (and easily return).  I’d love to know what this number actually is, but I’m also a little scared to know.
  • A lot, of restaurants I feel I’ve been out to recently — and some good ones — check out Trend Studio’s new season if you haven’t already.

Week by numbers.

A few updates!  I hope you’ve been well, and I’d always love to hear what sort of numbers are interesting in your life.

  • 9,628, words into the sequel to Take One at Mulholland High.  (Working title, to surprise no one, Take Two at Mulholland High).  this makes me feel good, because crossing the 10K mark always makes me think ‘now you’re on the way to an actual novel.’
  • 6,194, words into the sequel of Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek.  I’ve started this because, maybe (?) there might be some progress with the original.  Let’s see — I’ve got a call on the 20th.  It’s secondary, but fun and a little less organized than the first manuscript.
  • 1, video I made about learning how to saber champagne.
  • ??, day of quarantine it is.
  • 25, total reviews on Twenty Year Reunion.  It’s official, Hidden Gems really is the ONLY review service to use.
  • 10, kilos of vegetables I received last weekend from Emirates Bio Farm.  I was able to give a lot to a neighbor, but it certainly made for some creative cooking this week. Including…
  • First, time we made stuffed jalapeño poppers for lunch on Wednesday.
  • ALL, the cheese I bought at the store yesterday.
  • 1, alcoholic beverage consumed this week so far (yay me!).
  • 1,000 pieces of the current super difficult puzzle we’re working on.


Week by numbers.

Hi there, me again!

Some numbers, you ask?

  • 4,000, words(ish), I’ve cut from my most recent manuscript.  I started with 81K (hey, there’s two protagonists), and would love to get to 70K, but I think I’m going to be closer to 75K.
  • 1, book published.  In case you’ve somehow missed all my chat about Twenty Year Reunion, I’d love for you to download a copy (link here).
  • 15-20, minutes a day, Hubs and I are trying to get of sun.  Given we’re restricted to our house, we put on some tunes and lay out in the backyard.  Given how pale I was, I’m hoping to come out at the end of the month with something approaching a tan.  That, and some Vitamin D is necessary (since I’m not allowed to walk outside).
  • 3, number of video sessions we’re averaging per week, with friends.
  • under 1,000, steps I’m taking (as compared to over 9,000 the weeks before). It’s very sad to see my health app drop from nearly 10K to 500 in a week, but I know it’s for the greater good.  I’m never going to take going for a walk again for granted.
  • 2, articles I was quoted in this week.
  • 1, foreword of a cookbook that should also be published this week.  This is not the writing I usually do, but it’s always fun to try different things.
  • 2, alcoholic beverages I’ve had this week.  Given this time of year would be peak PR season, and my weekly average would be WAY over this.  As much as I want to open a bottle of Prosecco every night, or make a G&T every afternoon, I’m going to try and keep this number in check.
  • 2,000, photos deleted from iCloud.  Yes, I still have a ways to go, but I’m hoping to get closer to 18K, rather than the 20K I was at!
  • 6, days since I’ve worn a real bra or make up (it was for my virtual wine tasting class).  I’m also pretty flaky when it comes to deodorant these days.
  • 3.5, hours, daily screen time – which actually shocked me!  I thought I was definitely over four hours.

Any significant numbers in your life these days?

Week by Numbers (2019 edition).

As usual, weeks have passed… And I offer no excuses.  So, here is a humble offering of some important-to-me numbers.  Given my inconsistencies this year, I’ve decided to take more of an annual approach with this post.

  • 1, book I’ve finished editing!  Of course, it’s just the hand edit, so the actual first draft will take a bit more time.  I expect to add about 10,000 words (hopefully?), but overall ’20 Year Reunion’ is a lot of easy fun (even if I still can’t write a sex scene to save my life).  This is also my 2019 novel, so it feels good to get back to this one at the end of the year.
    • 54, page I’m currently up to on the first draft.
  • 1, foster cat we have for the holidays (hello, Lulu!).
    • 3, legs (and other tragic backstory notes).
    • 5, foster pets we’ve had this year (Phoebe, Lola, Lulu, Smudge, and Teddy Pee Pants).
  • 4, press trips/trips where other people paid.  Up one, from 2018.
  • 2, radio ads completed.  Up one, from a web ad I did in 2018.  (Any improvement is something, right?)
  • Lots, more getting paid for my writing.  Which sort of brings me to a resolution of sorts for 2020.  As brutal as I’ve been about going out in 2019, I needed to up the ante next year, and really focus only on leaving the house for when I’m getting paid.  Otherwise, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • 1, new magazine I’m writing for (paid).
    • 1, new website I’m writing for (paid).
    • 1, foreword written for a cookbook (my first!).  I’ve got another one coming in 2020.
  • Silver, status achieved on Emirates (from a lot of flying).
  • 1, book club going strong!  Founded in January, we’re a motley crew, but a fun one.
  • 6,974, average number of steps per day.
  • 34,552,083, views on my contributions to Google Maps.  (No, I still haven’t figured out how to monetize this).
  • 16, episodes of CSR of One, the podcast I launched this year.
  • 7, countries visited (I don’t think I’m forgetting anywhere).

Of course, next year includes a rather significant number — 40!  March is coming up fast, and my weight goals to get there aren’t really falling in line.  Oh well, age is just a number, right?


Week by numbers.

So… Uh, yeah?  November has literally come and gone, but I have plenty to show for it.  Let’s get going!

  • 6, flights this month — a mix of domestic and international.  Yup, I’m over flying for awhile.  While I was happy with all my seat choices, I would’ve been much happier in business class.  That said, I am Emirates Silver (finally).
    • 3, of the flights which were a red eye.  😦
    • 3, countries in total.
  • 1, new niece I got to meet (spoiler alert: she’s actually the cutest).
    • 20, degrees Fahrenheit, in the city she was located (which I was not adequately prepared for).
  • 5, Michelin stars at restaurants I margined to dine in (not including a Bib Gourmand).
  • Approximately 0, editing or writing I did.  Which is okay, because tomorrow I’ll start editing a new book, and another project which is out to a few friends.
  • A lot, of pastry I ate while in Paris, with the French dairy board.
  • A lot, of words I wrote leading up to and during my travels for various clients.
  • 7, days I saw Hubs this month.
  • 1, cold, that refuses to quit itself.
  • 1, stop at my favorite museum in the world, the Musee D’Orsay.
  • Lots, of friends I got to catch up with around the world (and plenty of new ones acquired at Google Local Guides Connect).
  • 0, amount of Black Friday shopping I did this year (I’m quite proud of myself).
  • 7, restaurants I need to visit in the next few weeks.
  • 17,384, the most steps in a day this month.  There were A LOT of highs and lows in November.
  • 3, holiday films we’ve watched already.
    • 2, which we had to fast forward through.
  • 1, fictional character I’m obsessed with (see below).

Week by numbers.

As usual, it’s been awhile.

  • 60,315.  Yes, that’s the new word count of The Heist.  I cut close to 20,000 words, including almost everyone’s back stories.  I still don’t like the book. I’m going to try ‘reading’ it, and incorporating all my notes and then sending it to friends.
    • As I read through it for the 900th time, I’m sure some additional scenes will need to be written, and probably additional scenes cut.  Honestly, chopping so much was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.
  • 15,000+ average number of steps per day, during our visit to the Czech Republic last week.  I highly recommend Prague and Brno – it was a perfect escape from Dubai.
  • 1, new niece!  Welcome to the world, Kallan!!!  I can’t wait to meet you in November.
  • 1, invitation to speak at PechaKucha Night Dubai.  I’m still mostly unsure of the direction of my speech under ‘Food For Thought’ is going to be, but I’m sure I’ll get there.  I’m about halfway in coming up with 20 slides (with no words…send help).
  • 1, hopeful trip I have upcoming to Bangkok.
  • 26, million views I have on Google Maps.
  • 0, kilograms lost.  Given my current schedule of halfway decent eating and exercising for two weeks at a time, then a week of travel with tons of eating and drinking, I haven’t completely given up.
  • 4, weeks of Couch to 5K, which I’m hoping will have some sort of impact on the above number in the near future.
  • 1, podcast I’ve been a guest on.
    • 2nd, season of CSR of One starting soon.  Please subscribe!

How has your week been?

Week by numbers.

Where I have been?  Probably at the gym.  I finally reached my point of ‘girl, no’ and joined our local gym, which I’ve been fairly successful on going to on a daily basis.

  • 45,054, finished novella for 2019!  I’ll be interested to see if this turns into a book in later drafts.  I had a lot of fun with it.
  • 69,516, current length of The Heist project, and I assume the number count will drop further.
    • ~10,000 words cut yesterday (after editing them for a week).  I know it’s for the betterment of the book, but damn if it didn’t hurt.
    • ~20,000 words cut today.  The back stories I enjoyed really keep cluttering up my main storyline, so for now, they are out.  This brings the manuscript closer to novella length, instead of thriller – so I know some new scenes will need to be written.  Le sigh.
  • 1, foster kitten in the house.
    • 3.5 legs Smudge is in possession of.
    • All, the energy.
  • xx.x, kilograms for my weight (courtesy of our fancy new scale).  As mentioned above, I’ve reached ‘ATF’ (that’s all time fattest) and the change starts now.  Damn getting older and a slower metabolism.  Also, damn my life as a food writer…
  • 1, application to the TED Fellows 2020 program, submitted.  Trying my best to figure out how to get CSR of One more into the world.
  • 1, production I’m going to be a part of, filming at a very fancy location for a British show about luxury properties.  Lifestyles of the rich and famous…
  • 1, niece I can’t wait to meet!

How have you been?

Week by numbers.

It’s been a week somewhere, right?  My apologies for the radio silence. I’ve been fairly terrible at adulting, or, at least being an adult where my books are concerned.  I’m hoping that changes this week, as I have a conversation with my editor about my poor little Heist novel which has been in purgatory basically since I finished it.

  • 23,001, words on 20 Year Reunion. This poor forgotten manuscript… I keep trying to work on it, then am constantly am interrupted.  I’m giving my characters some blue balls by keeping them in check.
  • 1, podcast launched!  I’d love for you to subscribe and listen.
    • 3, episodes available.
    • 1, upcoming talk about it (that I need to finish preparing for)!
  • 1, car that needs to be sold.  Selling a car in the UAE is an extra special kind of hell, and I will be sad to say goodbye to the Yarari.
  • 1, upcoming trip booked to the States!
  • 1, week of a keto diet plan I’m going on next week.  Y’all, sometimes I pitch and never expect responses, and then I get responses and it’s weird.  It’s not that I’ve not done keto in the past, it’s just… Well, I hope some weight loss occurs!
  • A lot, of pitches sent in the past week.  Let’s hope some of them go somewhere!
  • 1, Pug named Lola we had for a few days last week.  Even though she was absolutely infatuated with me (and a sweetheart in general, minus the lack of house training), it made me realize I’m still not ready to adopt (or maybe, really, I’ll never be ready for a dog).  It’s not all sad, I think we would definitely continue to foster!