Week by numbers.

Yes, it’s been awhile, but I’ve been busy! (I promise!)

The Queen #2 is done — like, complete and total final draft.  It’s off to the formatters.

  • 73,997, words.  I ended up cutting about 1,000 words from what I thought was the final draft to the real final.  I’m actually quite happy with this.  Basically, there is something great about reading on my Kindle and how that impacts the real experience of the book.
  • 224, pages, in case you were wondering.
  • 0, covers I’ve decided on.
  • 0, dates I’ve decided on for actually publishing the book.
  • 10,000AED, I managed to save after negotiating our rent yesterday.  Another year in Villa Hooks.
  • 1, dozen free chocolate covered strawberries I received (promotional).
  • 1, panel I’ll be speaking on this evening at NYUAD.
  • 1, pitch I’m working on for a NatGeo children’s show (no, I don’t have kids).
  • 1, article I’ve had accepted for Lonely Planet.
  • 1, article I’m hoping to place with USA Today (keep those fingers crossed).
  • 1, manuscript I need to start working on.
  • 1, fan fiction I’ll probably end up writing instead.
  • 1, book treatment I am actively avoiding.

Week by numbers.

Hey gang!  I’ve been busy so far this year, and here’s some reasons why…

  • 1, cold I’ve managed to get.  For someone who rarely gets sick, I’m not quite sure what’s going on and basically pretending like it’s not happening.
  • 1, gym we’ve joined!  Hello, cliches for a new year, but this was long overdue.  Even with my cold, I made it to two classes this week with plans for another at the weekend.
  • 169, pages on the (almost) final draft of The Queen 2 edited. There will still be a final ‘final’ polish and a few story ideas I need to double check, but I’m hopeful to be finished by the end of the month so I can start writing 2018’s book.
  • 0, National Championships won by my beloved UGA.  We were so close, but I’m very proud of how the Dawgs finished the season. (Don’t ask Hubs, he’s still pretty broken up over the results).
  • 1, article accepted by Lonely Planet.  Let the pitching continue!
  • 10:00PM, time I went to bed on NYE.  Yes, adulting!
  • ~5,000, words (almost) fan fiction written in the past two weeks.  My muse was on FIRE and it’s been fun!  I’m not really sure the why of it, but I’m not complaining.
Gif related and unrelated to amount of fan fiction.

I hope your 2018 is off to an amazing (flu free) start!

Week by numbers.

I mean, a week can be any amount of time, can’t it?

  • 70,928, total number of words for the completed (!) first draft of the final book of my Queen of England trilogy.  This is an increase from the rough draft which finished at 65,697.
  • 20, pages cut from the original document.  So, I cut quite a bit and added more back in (and I’m not quite done yet).
  • 1, spin off novel I came up with while editing.  It might make a better novella than novel, I’m not quite sure yet.
  • 1, draft of Queen 2 received back from my editor (no, I haven’t actually opened it just yet).
  • 3, attempts at some Bookstagram photos, that I’ll be posting at some point in the next week on my Instagram.
  • 1, new episode of What’s Cooking UAE you can find me on.
  • 0, plans I have as of now for NYE.  (Officially, 37 is old).

Week by numbers.

Basically, the kind of week I always wish to have (with a few more book sales included).

  • 183, pages edited (out of 198 pages).  The third book in the Queen trilogy is finally approaching something acceptable!
  • 5, glasses of champagne consumed this week at 3 different venues in the past week.  Not bad.
  • All, the dust that is currently in the house.  Can you say, ‘change in season?’
  • 2, holiday parties attending tomorrow evening.  Beware my liver.
  • 0%, restraint I’m having involving the many December sales.
  • 3, new members of the Courtney tribe I can’t wait to spend more time with in 2018.  I think something was going on astrologically this week — I had three amazing conversations with new friends.
  • 1, secret dinner I’ll be attending on Saturday night (and 1 secret dinner on Friday I am unable to attend).
  • 1, prospective article I sent to the New York Times.  Good thoughts are welcome.

What are you up to this weekend?

Week by Numbers.

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA, but I promise I’ve been editing!

  • 123, pages edited out of 196 total for the Queen #3.
  • 15, pages I’ve cut so far.
  • 68,811, how many words that translates to (right on track).
  • 1, lovely review I received for Life After Joe this week.
  • 30+, number of people attending Thanksgiving at our villa tomorrow.
  • 2, turkeys (which I hope will be enough).
  • 0, amount of turkey I will consume today.
  • Many, batches of bacon wrapped dates I intend to make (it’s our go to party snack).

If you find yourself online this weekend, please consider buying one of my books, or leaving a review.  I really appreciate your support.  Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!

Week by Numbers.

Just trying to keep up with everything these days…

  • 42, pages out of 195 that I’ve edited so far on Queen 3.  I’d hoped to make more progress, but I’m in the middle of cutting and rearranging a few scenes so it’s SUPER slow going.  (And I completely neglected the book today).
  • 1, hair cut and color (back to some form of blonde).
  • 1, new review for the Queen.
  • 1, second draft of the Queen 2 sent to the editor.  *eagerly waits in anticipation*
  • Many, new writer groups I’ve joined on Facebook.  Hoping for more tips and trips soon!
  • 9, episodes of Stranger Things watched.  I loved this season — how about you?
  • All, days of the 30×30 Dubai fitness challenge I’ve completed so far.  Sometimes it’s been a bit less active than others, but I have committed to 30 minutes a day.
  • 1, evening of trick or treating complete — the first we’ve ever done as expats.
I am giving this look to myself, re: lack of progress on Queen 3. I know I can do better (and stop procrastinating/making excuses)!


Week by numbers.

When you think a week is going to going one way, and then it goes another way entirely…

  • 175, pages edited.  I will definitely finish up the ‘hand written’ draft of Queen 3 this weekend, or early next week at the latest.  I’m think of giving myself a week off to give some attention to marketing the first book, before I dive into actually incorporating all the notes.  It’s going to be a relatively long process.
  • 1, new episode of What’s Cooking UAE I shot last night — lots of fun.  Haggis was involved.
  • 1, trip to Abu Dhabi this week, including a catch up with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile and reviewing 3 new restaurants.
  • 2, (paid) freelance writing assignments I’m up for.  Maybe writing for a living is actually possible!
  • 0, units of alcohol I would like to consume this weekend.  It’s been a heavy couple of weeks.
  • 2, pieces of Halloween candy I bought from the store today.  Sometimes being an expat comes out in strange ways.
  • 0, new reviews for The Queen.

    Hope you have a great weekend!