Week by numbers.

One of those weeks where I feel like I did everything and nothing…

  • 23,048 number of words for The Queen of England 3: Rogue Nation (working title that I don’t particularly care for).  I debated what to work on (The Queen of England #1 is more or less done, except I keep fiddling with parts of it because it doesn’t feel 100% complete, and the Queen #2’s first draft is also complete, so I kind of needed to work on something…)
  • 1, number of Top 5 chefs in the world I met this week (now I just need to watch his episode of Chef’s Table).
  • 1, boat show attended (well, really just the VIP section with free warm prosecco).
  • 6, days in a row I’ve logged with MyFitnessPal (it was well past time to get serious about knocking off a few kgs).
  • 15, days until I turn…
  • 37, years of age (by the way, that sounds crazy old to me).

Off to Fujairah tomorrow while Hubs finished his next diving certificate.  I’m ready for a chill, but am still epically behind on reviews from Bangkok, so I think it will be a matter of blogging from bed.


Go home, Pronoun, you’re drunk.

img_5213 img_5214-1

So, in my never-ending quest to promote and involve my books in various places, I signed up for Pronoun.  The service tracks the rise of your books and the rank within your dedicated categories (something I really haven’t given additional thought to).  In this instance, while I understand the service is trying to be helpful by suggesting alternate categories, the results gave me a reason to laugh.

Out of jail.

The year is over, as is the wait.

I am out of Amazon jail and hope to remain that way (at least I can get the Queen published).

I don’t have super high hopes for what my inclusion back into KDP Select means or how it’s going to completely impact my sales, but I am glad that more readers will now have access to my books.

And on that note, I feel the correct celebration is one for my most recent protagonist, Liz, and the opening of the Museum of Ice Cream — a location she definitely would’ve visited in Los Angeles (well, when she wasn’t so comfortable tucked away at the Winchester).tumblr_oh35m8gto21u9ooogo1_540

Week by numbers.

If you want to know what I’ve been up to this week, I’ve been furiously formatting.  It is definitely not as fun as it sounds.  So. Much. Tab.  Anyway, with the first draft 99% there, I’m happy with the changes between the rough draft and this one.  I know some additional changes will need to take place, but at least the manuscript is now in a place where I can confidently share it with others.

  • 2, invented countries in the Queen 2.
  • 72,734, words.  I came in more or less exactly where I thought this draft would finish.  Yay goals!
  • 10, years, since my first book was published.  I look back fondly at the motivation levels I had for The Line.  There was literally no avenue I wouldn’t try to promote it.  Although I stopped counting, between sales and giveaways, I think in its lifetime that more then 10,000 copies are out in the world.  That makes me happy.
  • 5, dinners I have lined up next week in Bangkok.  My liver might actually die.  I’m not sure yet.  I’m hopeful the clothes I’m packing will be forgiving.