Holiday I want to do over. #30stays

Does this mean I want to do over because I loved it so much, or do over because I want another try?  Clarify yourself 30 day challenge!  I’m taking this one as, would do over because I had such a great time.  The answer to that is the World Cup trip to South Africa in 2010.  Hubs and I had an incredible time, stayed at some amazing places, and saw tons of wildlife.  I would go back in a heartbeat.

Favorite Travel App. #30stays

Like anyone who travels frequently, I think TripAdvisor is the most reliable place for accurate details of a property.  It will usually make or break a decision for me.  I also recently discovered TripTease, which has been a fun place to share information.  When it comes to booking a room, I will usually rely on (unless I’m trying to get points, in which case I will go directly to the website and pay a few bucks extra).

Am I missing anything good?

Trip I was most out of my comfort zone. #30stays

I had to think about this one for a moment – ultimately, I landed on a journey I had more or less blocked out – the trip from Galle to Colombo.  While this wasn’t actually worse than driving in India (cows!  people using the road as a toilet!  cars everywhere!), there was something about being completely blocked in traffic for hours when I had to pee and didn’t know where we were actually going or when we would get there that really shut me down.  Our driver was perfectly nice, the car was clean and safe – but somehow I almost forced myself into a panic attack.  Fortunately, that hasn’t happened any other time in my travels except yesterday – thanks a lot 3+ hour delay and 2.5 hour drive in traffic.

Place I can’t wait to take my kids. #30stays

That’s a bit presumptive, is it not, and maker of this challenge?  Let’s not assume everyone wants to (or has the ability to) have kids, shall we?

Let’s say instead I was taking any young person somewhere (whether or not they were related to me).  I would definitely take them out of their home country/environment.  I like both the Emirates and Singapore to be ‘lite’ versions of their regions (Middle East-lite and Asia-lite).  These locations are non-intimidating ways to share a new culture without scaring off a young traveler by completely throwing them into the deep end.  Knowing the Emirates better, I think a 5 day trip in Dubai/Abu Dhabi would be a fun place to explore.

Next question.

Most beautiful place on earth. #30stays

Wow – that’s an incredibly difficult question and one that I’m not really sure I’ve found yet.

However, if I was pressed to pick a place, I would say the desert (specifically the United Arab Emirates – near Al Ain).  I was fortunate to get a free balloon ride from where I used to work and the experience was actually quite breathtaking.  (A close second place is the Grand Canyon).

Just incredible.


If I only had one holiday left… #30stays

Well, that’s a bit of a depressing way to begin my day, don’t you think?

Although part of me would like to go to a new place, I think the reality is I wouldn’t care where in the world it was, as long as I was with friends and family.  I know we would have a good time wherever we were.  Still, if I was in charge of picking the location, I like the idea of taking over some small all inclusive luxury island for a week.  The drinks would be strong.  The karaoke loud and there would be all kinds of dancing.