Final decisions: Twenty Year Reunion cover.

Spoiler alert, I’m probably going to use both looks.  My biggest decision is to figure out which one to start with to launch the book!

Please feel free to chime in and tell me thoughts (good or bad!) about either.  I’m not going to change the models or pictures, and I know which one I personally prefer, but I always love hearing from people.  In this case, I’m literally asking you to judge a book by its cover.

The Queen of England: Grand Tour, cover reveal.

Yes, I’ve been busy.  Well, not me personally, but my new cover artist.  We’ve been trading comments and images over the past two weeks and I think this is where we’ve finally arrived for the Grand Tour cover.  I’ve also just finished the formatting on Book #2.  Now, it’s just time to decide when exactly to release the novel!  And no, I didn’t just look at the astrology of releasing books — apparently I’m supposed to avoid Mercury in retrograde to start any new projects.

Can you spot the similarities with the new Coronation cover?