Twenty Year Reunion, Marketing attempt #2.

Does anyone remember Polyvore? I used to have fun designing stuff (really, just for me, but here’s one set for the fictional book launch of Room 702, in case you wanted to see — and I’m not ruling out creating a set for Liz from Life After Joe).  Polyvore closed some time ago, and now I’ve found URStyle, which is essentially the same thing.  Time for further procrastination!

Anyway, this outfit is basically what I picture Rebecca wearing to her high school reunion!

Facebook ads vs. Twitter vs. Amazon – and why I like Facebook best.

In the pursuit of marketing my books, let it be said, I will try anything once (sponsored tweets, sponsored Instagram, book trailers, you get the idea…).  Furthermore, sometimes I feel like I’m getting the hang of social media and other times, I realize I have less than any clue.  Upon the release of Life After Joe, I decided to invest some money on Facebook, Amazon and Twitter.  In a snapshot below, I thought would share my results, thoughts, and explanations to date.

My main goal in each of these campaigns was to raise awareness for Life After Joe.  Sure, some sales would be nice, but more than anything, I’m just trying to connect with my audience and let them know this product exists.



  1. Facebook


Pros: Easy to use, easy to update, easy to target very specific demographics and I love how low you can set the price point ($1).  At my best, I was averaging about $0.08 per click – pretty good value.  As a bonus, I got a lot of traffic to my Author page.

Cons: Difficult to see exactly how many sales were generated.  Yes, I sent 572 to the Amazon page for Life After Joe, but how many people decided to buy?


2. Amazon


Pros:  It’s Amazon.  Easy to add and delete targeted items.  Tons of impressions (this is ongoing as I only started the campaign last week).  Easy to see if clicks are generating into sales.

Cons: The lowest opt in to spend is $100 (no bueno).  Less control over specific demographics.


3. Twitter



Pros: Lots of impressions!  Easy to set the price point very low.

Cons: I have no idea what I’m doing (clearly).  Most expensive per unit. I had no confidence that my targeted ad was getting to who I wanted it to.



Not explored yet: Goodreads, the why-can’t-I-figure-this-shit-out of Google Ads (no seriously, I’ve lost at least two hours of my life to this thing), and BookBub (if only they would accept me).  My plan for my hiatus next year is to spend some serious time REALLY understanding how and where to spend my money ( don’t let me down!).

Overall:  Going into the holiday season, I think I’m going to keep my advertising dollars with Facebook.  I will probably keep my investment low, but with Facebook I feel like I’m at least doing something for my book.

What has been your experience to date?  Do you have any recommendations on ‘how tos’ for better understanding these programs?  Advice is appreciated!