Drumroll please, the results are in!

diet humor

So, I’ve been on the C9 cleanse since last Sunday, and barring one or two cheats, I’ve actually been honest about following the program.  Apologies, as I meant to post this on Tuesday, but then life got in the way a bit…

With 1.5 kgs lost (!) and a few inches, here are my big takeaways:

  • This program gave me crazy insomnia.  I’m already a bad sleeper and this seemed to exacerbate things…  I stopped taking the pills with dinner, because I was turning into a zombie.  Your results may vary.
  • While it’s good to cut out unnecessary things like sugar and caffeine and alcohol, the calorie restriction felt overwhelming at times.
  • Aloe vera juice is flat out horrible and disgusting.  I couldn’t bring myself to take the suggested amount after the first morning.
  • I have will power, which is great, but going forward, I should do better to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It’s no secret when losing weight, it just takes commitment (something I’ve been lacking).
  • I’m not sure if the two are related, but between my no sleep and lack of calories, I am convinced my immunity level dropped and I picked up my first (terrible) cold in a year (really, I don’t usually get sick).
  • Let’s see how quickly I gain the weight back!
  • Balancing weight loss and being a foodie isn’t an easy thing!

Have you tried the C9 program?  Do you have any secrets to drinking aloe juice?

On the topic of weight loss.

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Replace ‘Nick’ with ‘Ann’ and you’d be right!

As my hiatus goes into its fourth month, I realize I am nowhere close to the goal weight I had initially set out myself.  (Probably, it has something to do with launching a food blog, but that’s just a guess).

At a recent charity event, we won the C9 detox cleanse (!) and it also happened that a friend had just come off experimenting completing the system.  As her weight loss was encouraging, I decided ‘why not?’  To be fair, I’ve never done something like this before.  Yes, I’ve done a boot camp (with little to no results), so I’m curious how this effort will end (and how quickly I will gain back the weight).  With less than a month until our trip home (gots to look good), I’m glad to have a regime to follow.  Whether or not I lose 1kg or 1lb, it will be nice to kick off a bit better effort in my health!

Do you have any hints or suggestions?  I know what equation works for me, but can’t seem to find the motivation to kick it up like I did for Vegas.