The Line series, new covers.

With my upcoming rerelease of Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek, I thought it was well past time to get new covers up for The Line series.  While I don’t expect a lot of sales, nor did I put a ton of money (obviously) into these, I wanted something that was more cohesive as a series, and a step up from the rather antiquated previous covers.  At some point, I would love to revisit these books to edit and release them, but for now, my hope is that they might find a few new readers.

Casting for Take One at Mulholland High.

Given that I started this book in 2007, I’m sure my original co-author and I had specific ‘actresses’ from The Hills in mind when we were writing.  Now, (ahem) a few years later, I have a few different ideas for who I would cast as my leads for Take One at Mulholland High.  I love doing this particular experiment for all my books, and Mulholland is no exception.

Candice Accola King // Chloe Winterhaven

Obviously, she’s a bit older than a teenager now, but Ms. King circa Vampire Diaries would have been perfect!

Ali Harvist // Kacey Rohl

There is a bit of a girl next door vibe with Ms. Rohl, which I think would be perfect for Ali.  (I’ll just have to get over the eye color for now).

Nick Jonas // Ben Paulson

Floppy hair? Check! Adorable? Also, check. While obviously Mr. Jonas is a bit too old for the role now, I think he would’ve been perfect in his teenage years.

Steven Harvist // Gregg Sulkin

Although I don’t think Steven Harvist would ever smile or pose like this, Mr. Sulkin has the geeky cuteness that Steven embodies.

Blade Mathers // Florian Kampen

 Sorry, Florian, but your face has the slightly smarmy quality I am looking for in Blade Mathers.

Pepper Laughlin // Ashleigh Murray

Ms. Murray is probably the only current actress from my list who would be able to be cast, but I think she’s got the right energy to play Chloe’s best friend.


Did you picture anyone else while reading the book?  I’d love to hear your suggestions or fan cast!