December Reflections: 15 Years Ago (aka Second Hand Embarrassment)

Oh no.

19 year old Ann was not in a good place this time 15 years ago.  Booted from my job as a Resident Assistant through a series of misunderstandings involving the exact whereabouts of my person while ‘on duty’, I was in a seriously weird state.  In retrospect, sophomore years have never been points of strength in my life.  I liked a boy who didn’t like me back but sort of did, but was really just dealing with a lot of his own shit.  I was in a formative place with my future college besties.  I was doing a very bad job of letting things go with my high school boyfriend.  New Year’s Eve (Y2K!) was an even more bizarre occasion.

If I had the chance to go back and talk to my sophomore self, I would tell her to spend of her hard earned money and audition for Spirit of Atlanta or Carolina Crown.  Or travel.  Or don’t worry about those stupid boys.

Let’s just say that thank God December’s have only progressively gotten better since then!

December Reflections: Best Book of 2014

You mean besides the one I’m working on, right?  🙂

As a rather voracious reader (Kindle shows I’ve ordered 112 books in 2014), I made it through a lot of interesting books this year.  Some were for research and others just for fun.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know a few different authors and their series.  However, if I had to make on recommendation of a few books you should go out and start reading immediately, they would be the following: Lost in Hotels by Mr. M Martin, Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, and Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson.

(These books were not necessarily published in 2014, more that I read them this year).


December Reflections: T is for…

Er…today was actually supposed to be about leaves, but I do not much to say about leaves.  In the Middle East, we don’t really have anything that is deciduous (words I never thought I would use on this blog).

And even more of a lazy write move, my reflection for today, ‘T is for…’ I’m going to link back to  a post from earlier in the week.  In 2014 (and previous years), T is always for Tumblr.  I’m at 10,000+ followers and can’t wait to see where I grow to next!

December Reflections: Red.

Red’s a tough one.  It’s never a color I gravitate towards – there is literally nothing in my wardrobe, nor anything in my house that is red.  Hence, for the purposes of this post I’m going to go with magenta.  I ‘ran’ my first Color Run in March of this year.  Hubs and I were probably still drunk from the extended brunch the day before, but we rallied to get out and be a part of things.  A fun race that I hope to do again in 2015 (sans the heavy drinking).


December reflections: The Best Day of 2014.

Big question for Day 3!

There were a lot of good days in 2014.  I believe this is mainly because Hubs and I got out of Qatar and are now happily residing in Abu Dhabi.  There are so many things here I do not take for granted and I’m very excited to see what happens in 2015.

Anyway, if I had a favorite day, I think it would be my sister’s wedding day, July 11th.  Hubs did a brilliant job as the officiant, the weather was perfect, I got to see family who I rarely get to visit with and honestly, is there anything better than a wedding?



Some runners up include: memorable brunches with new friends, fancy trip to the Banyan Tree, a day at the races, and a few perfect days in Amsterdam.

December Reflections: Light(s)

My first thought is of how amazing the lighting looks in this part of the world this time of year.  With clouds actually in the sky (yes, this is not an every day thing in the Middle East), we’ve had some beautiful sunsets recently.  My drives home from work have been nothing short of breathtaking.

Photo courtesy of Hubs.



December reflections: Drink.

Starting strong, are we, December Reflections?

I’m not sure exactly how to go with this one, but perhaps I can relate a recent personal story.  My husband and I recently hosted a Thanksgiving party for a number of our friends (many non-Americans).  We made a staple punch from my husband’s home town (Chatham Artillery Punch) and asked guests to bring a bottle of bubbly.  One of my few party tricks is sabering champagne, which I managed to successfully achieve and even teach a few others!