A practical gift guide for the author in your life (especially if that author’s name is Ann Benjamin).

I’ve covered this before, but thought it could use a bit of an update.  Also, in case you wanted buying guides based on either of my books, I’ve got you covered (Room 702 or Life After Joe).  I’m not sure why my inner materialistic consumer loves gift guides so much, but I have so much fun looking through all of them (seriously, I can’t get enough!).  Thus, I wanted to put together a few (completely non-practical) ideas of things I would like.  Results my vary.

  • I don’t have many rules in my life, but I’m a firm believer that there should ALWAYS be champagne in one’s refrigerator.  My bubbles of choice are Veuve, and thus, this mailbox speaks to me on a very specific level.
  • Although mostly impractical, I can’t help but want another pair of Louboutin shoes, preferably these.
  • I read every day of my life.  There are no libraries where I live.  Thus, an unlimited Amazon gift card would go a long way in my life.
  • Moving towards my own office, I think a desktop computer will be in order.
  • Given I’ll be away from a traditional work environment next year, I kind of like the idea of this book.
  • My love of beauty boxes knows no bounds.  PopSugar crushed it last year (thanks Dr. B!), so I would be curious to see what this year was all about.
  • I probably need this bag.

In all honesty…


And you, dear reader?  Are there any gift guides I should know about?  What do you want most this year?