Author Challenge, Day 13: Your Cheerleader

I’m lucky to have a lot of cheerleaders in my life.  Friends, old and new (and virtual).  Family, in their own way.  Special readers.  However, my biggest cheerleader (as an author) is the fantastic, Maria Elena Sandovici.

Elena Sandovici
Elena being fabulous in Marfa, TX.

Essentially, Elena read Room 702 some years back, decided she liked it, contacted me and thus began a wonderful friendship.  As an author, there are many special topics that only another writer can understand (even more so if you are of the self-published variety).  Literally every week (and usually once a day) for the past three years, Elena and I have corresponded about our books, what’s working, what we’re working on, the highs and lows.  I am so lucky to have her as my cheerleader!

Author Challenge, Day 9: Favorite Book by Another Author

This is actually a very difficult question!  There are so many authors that I admire.  A series of novels that have recently stuck with me and someone who’s writing style I very much admire is Sarah Maas.  Of her novels, I think my current favorite is Heir of Fire, but I reserve judgment as she has more books coming out this year.  I particularly enjoy Ms. Maas’s complex characters and outstanding world building.  HOF-NYT-Cover

What’s your favorite book?

Author Challenge, Day 8: Shelfie

*Raises hand* My name is Courtney Brandt and I rarely never buy physical copies of books.  Honestly, shamefully I do not even have hard copies of all of my books.  Essentially, goodness do I like adverbs this morning being an expat for 9 years, lugging around books is difficult and expensive.  It’s why I love e-books and will never go of shame gif

Author Challenge, Day 4: Your Published Works

To date, I have 8 books published:

As Courtney Brandt

The Line

A Fine Line

Keeping in Line

The Line Up

Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek

Major Pain

writing gif

As Ann Benjamin

Room 702

Life After Joe

I also have four unpublished novels (2 YA, 2 Adult), a novella, and a few books I have conceptualized but not yet written.  I’m hoping to release my next book, The Queen of England: Coronation later this year (under Courtney Brandt).  I’m also hoping to finish writing book two of the series (planned trilogy) this year.  I tend to write a book a year, and it’s almost May!