Review: Books with alternate realities.

The Space Between Worlds

Although I haven’t done much with my Sliding Doors-ish project (working title Counterfactual), I do keep an eye out for books that count as research towards my future draft.  The reality is that for authors attempting the fairly incredible feat of simultaneous worlds at the same time, the struggle is real.  Fortunately, for her debut novel, Ms. Johnson does a spectacular job that is creative and seamless.  This might be one of the few books this year I literally couldn’t put down.  Highly recommended, and I’m desperately hoping someone will option this for adaptation to screen.

The Midnight Library

As soon as I read the premise, this book was on my list.  And while I didn’t love the protagonist, the concept was perfectly delivered.  While this wasn’t my first date with Matt Haig (read the post here, I was less than impressed with a previous outing), I think he’s come a long way with the topic, and The Midnight Library is one I would recommend to others.  While not perfect, the novel does raise lots of ‘could I have been any one other than me?’ questions. Recommended.