Pennies from Heaven.

How my brain works.

Current WIP is approximately 11,992 words.

Ann’s thought: “When this book is a runaway success, I will totally get myself one of these.”  Never mind ‘this’ is a super rare almost $4500 coin, that the book isn’t complete or that any of my other works have achieved any levels of success.

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Sometimes research leads me to strange and interesting places.

Lincoln wheat pennies were first minted 1909 to commemorate the 100th birthday of President Abraham Lincoln. The wheat penny was the first penny design to incorporate the image of Abraham Lincoln, who still appears on the coin today. Before the Lincoln cent, no actual person’s face had been depicted on a regularly circulated United States coin. Durum wheat stalks appear on the reverse side of the coin, which is why it is distinguished with the name “wheat penny.” The Lincoln penny is the longest-running design of any coin in Mint history. The wheat penny design was minted until 1958, when the image of the stalks of wheat was changed to the image of the Lincoln Memorial.

As with any coin in a collection, it is important to understand a little about the history of a wheat penny, including its origins and how to distinguish rare pieces from more common coins, before making any purchases.

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I can’t be the only person that finds this stuff interesting, right?